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Study: Likely Sea Marine Probability Due to the North Coast Seabird. news


A new study suggests that about 1 million Pacific seabirds may have been caused by the heat of marine heating.

A collaborative effort between federal agencies and university researchers showed that almost 62,000 dead or dying birds landed on Alaska and the West Coast beaches between summer 2015 and spring 2016. But carcass recovery indicates that this is a fraction of about 1 million birds have died during this time period.

Rising temperatures between 2014 and 2016 created a huge mass of uncommon hot sea water, known as the Blob, which reduced food supplies for seabirds and fish.

Principal investigator and study co-author Julia Parrish said the number of birds considered to be fatal is alarming.

“In 2015, we started looking at more than the average number of these birds landing as carcasses… In places along the West Coast, and certainly in the Gulf of Alaska, it was so hard that the t thousands of birds per kilometer of the beach, ”said Parrish. “That's so much if you were walking as long as you had almost a knee deep in carcasses at the tideline.”

Parrish, along with her colleagues and researchers, analyzed the data from the dead birds from wildlife rehabilitation centers, citizens' beaches surveys, community reports, and studies by universities, private organizations and government entities to get a better understanding of what was happening. the huge dice.

The analysis was published on Wednesday in the science magazine PLOS One. He discovered that the common murders were dying from hunger due to warmer temperatures on the ocean that affect plankton, the small aquatic organisms that form a large part of the sea food chain. Plankton feeding species include fish eaten by members of the public. According to Parrish, these seabirds are like salmon in terms of their diet. Anything that salmon eats, these birds dive into the sea and eat too.

On January 1-2, 2016, 6,540 carcasses were found on the shore near Whitter, Alaska, moving to about 8,000 companies per mile of the shoreline – one of the highest baptism rates recorded during the year. mass event.

David B. Irons

“The death of all of these murders says that these big fish had a hard time as well as the reason that we know about the murres, that a dead bird escapes but that fish disappear,” said Parrish.

According to Geological Survey's Wildlife Researcher, the Wildlife Biologist John Piatt, the lack of forage fish was the most likely cause of colonial extinction and breeding failures in 2015-2017.

“No other factors were found that could explain the spatial size or size of these events,” said Piatt.

Nearly 2,000 ordinary sailors were washed ashore along the Oregon Coast. The greatest impact was in Alaska, where almost three quarters of the dead murors were found.

Piatt said that common seafarers failed to reproduce during this time. Almost two thirds of the dead murderers were adults.

“In simple language, the grocery stores were run at the same time as quality and quantity were reduced. The food was delivered to the shops, and many consumers were locked, ”said the Geological Survey of Wildlife John Piatt.

A recent study reported that the world's oceans were warmer in 2019 than any other time in the human recording history.

Parrish said that the vast amounts of landed carcasses are an indicator of the ecosystem.

Further research could explore the possibility of future warming due to similar themes.

“That's why we can change carcasses that swim on the shore as an indicator of something bad. In this case, very much in terms of space and long term in terms of years, a change in the marine ecosystem associated with a warming ocean, ”said Parrish.



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