Study predicts: Bielefeld is not sustainable


In a study, the Leineweberstadt was examined with 29 others on their future viability. Bielefeld occupies one of the furthest places in the ranking.



As of 07.11.2019, 20:36 clock

Frankfurt / Main / Cologne (dpa). The future prospects for many NRW cities are gloomy according to a recent study. In a study presented on Thursday by the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWI) and the private bank Berenberg on the sustainability of the 30 largest German cities occupied Bielefeld, Duisburg, Bochum and taillight Gelsenkirchen the last four places. Only Cologne (5th place) and Düsseldorf (10) are among the top ten most promising metropolises. Berlin in first place, excellent prospects for Cologne For the ranking, the scientists analyzed factors such as education, innovation, internationality and accessibility as well as the development of productivity and population. The first place was secured for the first time Berlin, before Leipzig and Munich. "Berlin has become one of the most dynamic cities in Germany," said Berenberg CEO Hans-Walter Peters. Outstanding future prospects also attested to the study in Cologne, as the city offers balanced conditions for companies and people in all areas. Although Dusseldorf revealed individual weaknesses, but could also look very confident in the future. A consolation for Bielefeld: The distance to the top has decreased The biggest climber in the ranking was Wuppertal. Thanks in part to a very positive development in productivity and employment and a high birth rate, the city made the leap from the last third of the ranking to the midfield. There you will also find Bonn, Münster and Aachen. Essen, Mönchengladbach and Dortmund reached against Bielefeld, Duisburg, Bochum and Gelsenkirchen only places in the lower third of the ranking. Small consolation for her: compared to the last study on the topic from 2017, the distances between the top of the field and the rear light have nevertheless slightly decreased.


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