Our oceans are much warmer than previously thought, according to a new study. As well they are warming up faster than was believed because of climate change caused by humans.

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The study, published this week in the Science Magazine, showed that The world's oceans have become much warmer since the 1960s. Its authors said that 2018 was the warmest year for the oceans.

But what happens when the oceans get hot and what does it mean for us?

Rising sea levels

When the water heats up, it takes up more space. That means that as the oceans warm up, the sea level rises.

The study says that only this effect could make the sea level increases by about 30 cm at the end of the century. "That does not sound like much, but there are many large cities around the world that were built on reclaimed land and are not more than 30 cm above sea level," says Stephen Simpson, associate professor of marine biology and global change in area. University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom. "Millions and millions of people would be displaced"

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But on top of that, the warming of the oceans causes polar ice sheets to melt faster, which will cause sea level rise.

The inuk who live in Canada, for example, are a culture that came from an arctic zone, "says Arnaud Czaja, a reader of physical oceanography at Imperial College London. "They get their food by hunting seals and polar bears that fish or hunt on the sea ice.

When the sea ice has disappeared, they can no longer do it and their culture will be lost. "

Any good news?

While scientists contend that the new document accounts for an alarming rate of rising ocean temperatures, Simpson sees a spark of light. "The only positive thing is that now we have a better understanding of the relationship between human emissions and ocean warming ", Explain. "That gives more evidence of why the control of emissions is so important for our generation, and the next."

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