Esra Hosni

The researchers conducted a new study to explore the effects of microgravity on the human body, which indicated that traveling to Mars and setting up a shelter there could pose a great danger to the muscles of passengers, and comes at the same time as NASA and SpaceX To go into deep space, but before anything happens, all concerned should look to address the concerns posed by the new study by an international group of physiologists.
According to the team, during long space trips, astronauts will be exposed to microgravity or a situation where the gravitational field is much smaller than Earth, and in these environments, the amount of oxygen is less than the earth, which means that the cells will not be able to produce the energy required from Pre-structural muscle to enable movement.
The researchers explained that this would reduce its function and lead to inactivity, and may have a more radical effect on the structural muscles of low oxygen levels.
The researchers found these results by conducting tests on 11 healthy males in normal environments, followed by 21-day sessions in both normal and oxygen-rich environments and hypoxia.
They said space agencies and companies should focus on keeping astronauts more active during their journey.

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