Stunning, Lille finds the Top 5 – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (LOSC 2-1 Brest)

Without shining, Lille was able to pull away to overthrow Brest (2-1) and temporarily find the Top 5 in the rankings this Friday at the start of the 25th day of Ligue 1.

Stunning but not brilliant Alexsandro and Lille.

Five days after their most frustrating defeat against Paris Saint-Germain (3-4), Lille got back on track by overthrowing Brest (2-1) with difficulty this Friday at the start of the 25th day of Ligue 1.

Thanks to this success, the Northerners temporarily overtake Rennes in 5th place in the standings.

Brest showers the North

Authors of a start without complexes, the Brestois nevertheless quickly took advantage of the lax defensiveness of LOSC to open the scoring thanks to a goal against their camp from Djalo, put under pressure by Dari on a corner (0-1, 8th). With their backs to the wall, the Mastiffs put their foot on the ball but were unable to get around a well-placed opposing rearguard.

Over the minutes, however, the visitors had more and more trouble getting the ball out. Paulo Fonseca’s men began to offer more moves and the danger approached Bizot’s goal, but David was caught in extremis by Lala, then the co-top scorer in the championship found the bar a few moments later!

Little Galise…

Despite their hold on the game, the locals struggled to be really dangerous and they were scared of losing the ball on the way back from the locker room. Finally, after a big save from Bizot against David, Lille, without really accelerating, managed to equalize through Diakit from a corner (1-1, 59th). From then on, the northern pressure intensified and there was clearly an attack-defense.

…and snatch victory!

If Bizot saved Cabella’s free kick and Angel Gomes missed the target, on the other hand the 10th corner was the right one for LOSC and Alexsandro offered the victory to his team by taking advantage of a failed outing from the Brest goalkeeper (2-1, 81st)! Without shining, the 2021 French champion provides the essentials in this match which ended in a tense atmosphere between the two teams. On edge, Fonseca was notably excluded and will therefore miss the derby against Lens next Saturday.

The score of the match: 4.5/10

After opening the scoring, Brest did not show much and Lille, despite their domination, had a lot of trouble packing this game. The second act turned out to be a little more pleasant and unbridled but it is clear that the Dogues needed the set pieces without shining in the game. An end to the game tarnished by the many tensions between the two teams.

The goals :

– On a corner hit on the left side, Lala crosses in the six meters where Djalo, under pressure by Dari, involuntarily resumes from the hip in his own goal (0-1, 8th).

– Left side, Zhegrova hits a corner and finds Diakit who takes over Dari and places a powerful unstoppable header (1-1, 59th).

– On a corner hit by Angel Gomes, Bizot misses his exit and the ball reaches the far post until Alexsandro who takes advantage of a mess to resume victoriously with a header (2-1, 81st).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: left corners (10/10)

In this match where Lille had to play and Brest quickly stopped playing, no player really stood out. It all boiled down to a story of set pieces and more specifically three goals scored from corners… all struck from the same left side of the same half of the field at the Decathlon Arena!


Lucas Chevalier (5): beaten on a goal against his side close range, the Lille goalkeeper then did not have the slightest stop to make since Brest did not frame the slightest strike afterwards!

Bafod Diakit (5): his equalizing goal did LOSC a world of good and rewarded his superb relaxation from a corner. The only highlight of a very dull match for the right side, eliminated too easily at the start of the game and author of dangerous ball losses afterwards. Injured immediately after his goal and replaced in the 65th minute by Gabriel Gudmundsson (non note)which made the game smoother.

Tiago Djal (4): unfortunate scorer against his camp at the start of the game, the central defender paid for a certain passivity. The Portuguese did not always reassure afterwards with loss of ball and a certain nervousness.

Alexsandro (6): less feverish than Djalo, the central defender was able to show solidity in the duels and the Brazilian offered victory to LOSC by taking advantage of a mess on a corner.

Timothy Weah (5.5): once again aligned as a left-back, the American delivered a serious match. He rarely got the chance to let the horses loose, but when he did, the trained winger often managed to make the difference.

Benjamin Andr (5.5): captain in the absence of Fonte, the midfielder displayed a large volume of play. The former Rennais tried to lead the way by multiplying the projections but he still committed a lot bullet losses.

André Gomes (5.5): quite interesting during Lille’s high point once 1-1, the midfielder showed off his ability to keep the ball. The Portuguese maestro had been more discreet before.

Edon Zhegrova (5): decisive passer on the goal of the equalizer, the winger tried to make a difference but the Kosovar had difficulty getting rid of the marking of the opposing defense, compact. Replace the 65th minute with Angel Gomes (non not)the stick on the corner of 2-1 and author of an inspired entry.

Rémy Cabella (4.5): the attacking midfielder tried to speed up his team’s game in midfield but the former Marseille player was faced with a lack of space when approaching the true zone and he had too much few pes in this sector. Checked by Bizot on a free kick.

Jonathan Bamba (4.5): a little more present than his right counterpart Zhegrova, the left winger has not spared his pain and he notably manages to find David on a big chance in the first period, but the Mastiff has generally had to displaying a messy face despite his good will.

Jonathan David (4): once is not custom, the co-top scorer in Ligue 1 lacked sharpness in the zone of truth. Taken over by Lala then checked by the bar before the break, the striker was less then found even if he could have obtained a penalty in the last minutes. Replaced the 90th + 1 minute by Mohamed Bayo (non not).


Marco Bizot (3.5): author of important saves against David then Cabella in the second period, the goalkeeper allowed his team to hold on for a while. But the Dutch finally cost Brest dearly with his outing misses on a corner which gives victory to LOSC.

Kenny Lala (6): despite some waste, the right side brought a real plus. At the origin of the CSC of Djalo on corner then author of a decisive return in front of David in the surface, the former Strasbourg player was invaluable on set pieces. Injured and replaced the 55th minute by Noah Fadiga (no not).

Achraf Dari (5): the origin of the CSC of Djalo, on whom he put pressure, the central defender then showed solidity and read the trajectories well to repel the danger. But the Moroccan fails while being eaten by Diakit on the equalizing corner…

Lilian Brassier (4): a complicated match for the central defender, messy and who was regularly heckled in his area, struggling to reign there. Nervous, the Brestois did not go far from conceding a penalty against David at the end.

Bradley Locko (4): Feverish, the left-back generally had trouble closing his lane and he accumulated bullet losses. Replace the 84th minute with Jean-Kevin Duverne (non not).

Pierre Lees Melou (4): a very average match for the captain of Brest, who will have been the least visible to the midfielders of his team.

Mahdi Camara (5.5): very present in the duels, the midfielder proposed a big fight despite a sometimes limited commitment. Often in good shots offensively. Replace the 83rd minute with Professor Dembl (non not)and excluded after the meeting.

Hugo Magnetti (6): a good match for the midfielder who dictated his law in the midfield at the start of the game and made his technical quality speak for improving counter balls and stalling when necessary. A little more intermittent then despite some good sliding balloons.

Flix Lemarchal (4): despite an interesting start and appreciable efforts in the defensive withdrawal, the young winger gradually disappeared from circulation for his first tenure in Ligue 1. Replaced in the 68th minute by Haris Belkebla (non not).

Jrmy Le Douaron (4): a thankless game for the Brest striker, who only had a few minutes to show himself offensively at the start of the game before spending his game defending.

Taryk Arconte (4.5): holder for the first time, the young striker embodied the audacity of Brest at the start of the game and he managed to strike during the first minutes on the left side. Better content then. Replace the 67th minute with Albert Elis (no not).

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LILLE 2-1 BREST (mi-tps: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 25th day
Stadium: Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille – Referee: Pierre Gaillouste, France

Buts : B. Diakit (60th) Alexsandro (80th) for LILLE – Tiago Djal (8th, csc) for BREST
Warnings : Tiago Djal (61e), R. Cabella (90+4e), P. Fonseca (90+5e)for LILLE – L. Brassier (62e), N. Fadiga (90+4e)for BREST

LILLE : L.Knight – Tiago Djal, Alex Sandro – B. Diakit (A. Gomes, 65e), T. Weah – B. Andr, André Gomes – R. Cabella – E. Zhegrova (G. Gudmundsson, 65e), J. Bamba – J. David (M. Bayo, 90+1e)

BREST : Mr. Bizot – A. From, L.Brassier – K. Lala (N. Fadiga, 55e), B. Locko (J. Duverne, 84e) – P. Lees Melou – F. Lemarchal (H. Belkebla, 68e), M. Camara (K. Dembl, 83e), H. Magnetti, J. Le Douaron – T. Arconte (A. Elis, 67e)

Lala and Brest have long been in the lead.

Magnetti and Brest caused problems David.

Diakit gallis for Lille from a corner (1-1, 59th).