Sturla Berg-Johansen and Kaja Norum:

Host Sturla Berg-Johansen (53) and artist Kaja Norum (32) got married this weekend. The former confirms this to VG, without wanting to comment on the marriage further.

They got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2019, and now they have finally become husband and wife. The wedding news comes just a month after Berg-Johansen in June revealed that he and Norum are expecting their first child together.

Gonna be a dad

He revealed this from the stage during a show in Tønsberg.

– I will be a dad, he said from the stage, and added:

– It’s absolutely fantastic. Everything was different after seeing the ultrasound image.

Sturla Berg-Johansen escaped from prison

Sturla Berg-Johansen escaped from prison

He could also reveal that the couple can look forward to having a little son this autumn. This is the 53-year-old’s first child together with cohabitant Kaja Norum. She has a daughter from before.

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Peace on New Year’s Eve

The good news thus comes on the assembly line for Berg-Johansen and the 21-year-old wife. She confirmed in an interview with VG in June last year that they had become engaged.

– He actually got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and we should actually have gotten married this summer, but that wedding will have to wait until next year, Norum told the newspaper at the time.

It was in October 2019 that it became known that Berg-Johansen had found happiness with his 21-year-younger artist girlfriend. Then they confirmed the relationship themselves on Facebook, and later gave a short comment to VG:

– The simple comment must be: I love her, the couple said then.

Interviewed Willoch in cocaine intoxication

Interviewed Willoch in cocaine intoxication

Nude painting

Norum is known for having previously painted Berg-Johansen naked. In 2011, he threw away his clothes when the then 22-year-old Kaja was Odd Nerdrum’s art student, and was to make his first nude painting.

Norum spent three months on the artwork, which was named “Homoludens” (The playful man). The artwork was sold for 72,000 kroner.

– Sturla was several times down at Stavern to be a model. He himself thinks that he was too fat, but purely pictorially, so it is better that he looks like this than that he stands there with a washboard, Kaja Norum told VG at the time.