Stylish wardrobe. How to build it in the fall-winter 2021 season? – o2

Stylish wardrobe – build it based on trends or your taste?

On the one hand, trends that are hard to overlook on the catwalks of famous fashion houses and chain stores, on the other hand, stylists’ declarations that now only your own taste counts.

What’s the truth? As it usually happens … this one is in the middle. Trends are a nice starting point for creating your wardrobe this season, but anyone who wants to avoid the “fashion victim” label need (or even should) copy them 1: 1.

It is best to choose clothes or accessories from designers’ proposals that best suit you and emphasize your character. In this way, you will create a signature look that is recognizable from a distance, for which the stars are famous: Anna Wintour, Rachel Zoe and even Rihanna.

Speakers of a special event organized by on the occasion of its 10th anniversary in cooperation with will talk about how to filter trends through their own approach to the world and fashion. Invited guests, including style icons and industry experts, will have a conversation about how to dress to become yourself.

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At the x WP Fashion Show event, you will learn not only how to understand fashion and the rules that govern it, but also inspire yourself to create an autumn-winter wardrobe that suits you perfectly.


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