SUBANG CASE Petition Lacks Response, Akseyna Case Already Has Response, Yosef Can Complain to Kompolnas

DESKJABAR – The disclosure of the Subang case or the case of the murder of mother and child in Subang has been almost 9 months but there is still no bright spot.

Previously, a petition for a complete investigation into the case of the mother and child killer in Subang had been made at the end of January 2022, but there was minimal response from the public.

What is even more surprising is that the petition for the death of UI student Akseyna Ahad Dori, which has not been disclosed since 2015, has received more responses than the Subang case. Even Kompolnas has moved because there has been a letter of complaint from Akseyna’s parents.


Reflecting on the Akseyna case, can the husband who is also the victim’s father, Yosef, send a letter of complaint to the National Police Commissioner in the case of the murder of mother and child in Subang?

As is known, the case of the murder of mother and child in Subang is almost 9 months old, but it is not clear who the suspect is and what his motive is.

This condition is quite surprising considering the number of witnesses who have been examined reached 121 witnesses, hundreds of pieces of evidence including fingerprints and DNA, 10 crime scenes and various scientific tests have been carried out.

However, the results have not been able to lead to the disclosure of the perpetrators in the Subang case.

Even then there was a lot of speculation in the public, the Subang case was difficult to reveal because there were important people involved in it.

This important and intelligent person was able to carry out framing since the beginning of the Subang case with the aim of deceiving the public of the case.