Subwoolfer and Tix: – Full Eurovision confusion

The Norwegian Eurovision hopeful Subwoolfer DJ Astronaut is last year’s Norwegian Eurovision contribution Andreas Andresen Haukeland – better known under the artist name Tix – according to NRK.

A clip shown on Dagsrevyen on Tuesday night apparently shows the artist’s characteristic sunglasses and headband peeking out when a person wearing the DJ’s costume takes off his mask.

– We think it was Tix, says NRK’s ​​news anchor Ingvild Bryn during the broadcast.

At the same time, a picture snapped during the Norwegian final shows Haukeland and DJ Astronaut standing side by side.

Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear
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– Well done!

It all makes KK editor Ingeborg Heldal scratch her head.

– I was at the Norwegian final when Subwoolfer won, and then Tix stood there without an astronaut suit just before the wolves went on. Did he change so fast? Or maybe they have changed astronaut? Or maybe they want to create further hype and confusion? It succeeds at least. Well done for getting so much attention! she writes in an SMS to Dagbladet – and adds:

– Tipper regardless Tix is ​​down there looking for Efendi from last year.

Who hides behind the masks of the wolves “Jim” and “Keith” at least still belongs to the world of mysteries.

Dagbladet’s correspondent in Turin has spoken to artists who claim to know the identity of the masked artists. They can neither confirm nor deny anything about the “astronaut”.

Dagbladet has tried to get in touch with Haukeland’s manager, so far without success.

The details that can trap Norway

The details that can trap Norway

– Nice starting position

Already last week, the Subwoolfer was in place in Turin.

On May 10, the masked happy boys must be in the fire against pre-favorites such as Ukraine, the Netherlands and Norwegian Amanda Tenfjord for Greece, who as of Wednesday last week were in first, ninth and sixth place on the betting list, respectively.

Norway was at that time in eighth place, something Stig Karlsen, Norway’s MGP chief, thought was completely inside at the time.

– It allows us to come in and surprise. For those who are very high on the list, there are very high expectations that they must meet, so I think Norway has a good starting position, Karlsen told Dagbladet, and added that the betting lists are not a decision, but a pointer.