Successful Esther Vedder is a jewel for the eye

In 2016 she started a business in personalized jewelry together with her twin sister Anne. Six years later, Vedder&Vedder is a company that employs 25 employees and has well-known Dutch people in their customer base. The beautiful Esther Vedder has it well done. She is also worth gold herself, so we pay a little extra attention to the beautiful jewelry designer.

Anne Vedder’s twin sister

The success story of Esther Vedder runs parallel with the story of twin sister Anne Vedder. The two are inseparable both professionally and privately and share the success story with regard to jewelry brand Vedder&Vedder. The company supplies jewelry throughout Europe, and is widely known among celebrities in our country.

We wrote about the two successful twin sisters before, but they certainly deserve some extra attention separately from each other, because they have put their soul and salvation into the company. They had to work hard for their success, because it didn’t just happen out of the blue. Videoland has made a three-part series about their story called Twins of Gold.

Esther Vedder shares her success on Instagram

Hundreds of personalized gold jewelry are made every day in their studio in Amsterdam, of which Chantal Janzen wears one around her neck. The two sisters have become very wealthy with their business, but we must not forget the other sister, Franka Vedder, because she is just as successful with her business in the jewelry industry. Freek Vonk’s girlfriend is also doing well.

Successful sisters always do well with us. That is why we recently put the Stevens sisters in the spotlight. Esther Vedder knows exactly what she wants in life, and has her sister to help her achieve her goals. The Vedder sisters go for gold, that’s for sure. Fortunately, they also make time to capture themselves on the sensitive Instagram plate, because they look fantastic.