Succubus. A hellish horror movie with erotic themes will hit consoles. The Polish studio would like to thank the fans

Madmind’s debut project, Agony, turned out to be a dud. Things are looking much better now with the launch of Succubus, which has already received some positive reviews. The game is also coming to consoles!

Polish studio Madmind announced that Succubus will receive a console release. The game is currently being developed na Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 oraz Nintendo Switch. Mandmind has established cooperation with Console Labs, which is preparing the said ports. The premiere on these platforms is to take place in 2022. Unfortunately, Madmind is not yet ready to reveal the details of the console release date. Unfortunately, the company did not specify whether we will experience cuts in erotic materials on the consoles that occur in the PC release.

In a press release, Madmind Studio thanked the fans for their support and words of appreciation. Succubus already enjoys much better opinions in the PC edition than Agona. On Steam, this adult-only horror film has already made an impressive average. As many as 87% of user reviews ended with recommendations.

“We would also like to thank the Succubus fans for the support and feedback that they shared with us many times during the production process of the game. Succubus was created just for you and we are glad that you liked the end result” – wrote the Madmind team.

We wrote about the warm reception of Succubus in the previous news about this hellish horror. In addition to praise, there were complaints about bugs on release day – hopefully Madmind Studio will quickly fix those bugs through patches.

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