Such a bright sun: a new love for Antonin … What awaits you this week

Shaken after being questioned at length by the police on the network to which she is supposed to belong, Anissa comes out with a reminder of the law. His friends want to help him, but their initiative is badly lived by Anissa. Fortunately, she finds comfort with Antoninus who, released after a frank discussion with Virgil, agrees to open his heart to him.

In the police sights

For his part, Eliott manipulates Vivien so that Virgil integrates the business of illegal sale of cigarettes. He also tries to help Akim, in turmoil after Alice is the victim of another accident. The police suspect him of wanting to kill her. Akim understands that he has been the victim of manipulation but refuses to speak to his lawyer.

Elsa back to Montpellier

Lucille decides to investigate to find evidence likely to exonerate him. While between Myriam and Manu, the relationship seems to settle down to last, Manu is upset after seeing Elsa. The young woman has indeed returned to Montpellier, but more for Virgil than for her ex … She also makes him an astonishing proposition.

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