Such is the life of the Delhusa Gjones since the death of the bridegroom

Delhusa Gjon’s bride died three months after her baby daughter was born last year, and the family has been trying to stand up and give everything to the baby ever since.

The musician used his spiritual energies to help with the high degree of concentration he had acquired during his seven-year journey to India.

We wore a hard cover around my son. Maximilien and little Zoe moved in with my ex-wife, who is a wonderful mother, sacrificing her free time again for her child. And I visit them every day and take care of the good mood, ”the singer-songwriter reported on how the family tries to make their little grandchild feel as sad as possible.

Source: Delhusa Gjon / Facebook

“My ex-wife’s parents also travel here from the countryside every two weeks to help with superhuman energy all weekend,” he said. + I never had a baby girl, I love playing with her. Zoe already says ‘Napapa’. But he won’t be spoiled, we know from experience that this is not allowed, “the 68-year-old grandfather told hot! About his everyday life, who is glad to see that his son is getting better.” . It’s open, she’s happy to fool around with the kid, who is a very smiling baby, ”she said.