Such was the hairdresser’s visit to the singer


In the middle of last week there was the type change of
Sarah Lombardi (25) already on her Instagram account to see. At the echo, she finally presented her new hairstyle. RTL II once again showed the restyling action on TV in full length on Monday afternoon. The show “Einfach hairlich – die Friseure” accompanied the singer to her hairdresser Vinzento Salvatore Brancato in Cologne.
Already on the way Sarah Lombardi was really queasy. “For some women, that’s one hairdresser Wellness. For me it’s just the horror, “she explained on entering the salon, she had also tested how she feels with short hair, because in the music video for her new single” Just here “she wears only a wig since childhood she had always cut only the tips of her long brown hair teeth.
The better one can understand that she had to cry bitter tears in the barber chair when she finally held her trimmed braid in her hands. “I feel like I’m in for a big surgery now,” Lombardi had previously announced.
And how are things going with the men?
And of course the 25-year-old chatted – just as usual when visiting a hairdresser – a bit out of the box. “If I meet a man, I’m glad, but I can not plan that,” she told hairdresser Salvo.


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