Sud-Aveyron: Jean-Marc and Guillaume, two roofers concerned with a renovation made in France

Roofers and associates, they join the Young business creators of Millavois.

They were colleagues in the roofing company that employed them until February 2021, when they created their own company, Couverture Bousquet Rascalou (CBR). The two team leaders, with respectively twenty years and ten years of work in boots, had toured the profession and wanted to diversify. “It’s interesting to create a box because it brings multidisciplinarity: we wanted to lead the projects from A to Z rather than being limited to the technical aspect”.

A different market

Managing the administration, the commercial strategy, having the pleasure of advising the client and seeing him satisfied, organizing his schedule and the site independently … these are the advantages that the two friends aspired to by embarking on the adventure .

Guillaume and Jean-Marc are attached to their profession, which requires very diverse skills and for which the experience is an essential added value: “There are many details to think about”, specifies Guillaume while indicating the frame of the projection of the roof on which they are working .

They mounted it to measure, in order to align it with the load-bearing wall for more aestheticism. “This advance was not planned at the start. We had suggested to him, and our client now feels that he made the right choice by following our advice”, adds Jean-Marc, before specifying that the wall has been raised with freestone to respect the heritage of the old.

Renovation is the target market

Because this project characterizes the nature of the market in which CBR has naturally positioned itself: the renovation. “It is not an intentional choice on our part, but it suits us well. The roofs are twisted, it enhances the know-how! It is more interesting, more technical”. The new home market is mainly linked to developers who already have well-established subcontracting relationships. It’s a tight market, and CBR hasn’t approached them yet..

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The volatility of material prices is a major difficulty for all craftsmen. CBR took the party to assume the variations, one way or the other. They do not reflect any price increases agreed in the quote. This extreme volatility is one of the reasons that push Jean-Marc and Guillaume to stay cautious. “We want to establish the company on solid foundations before expanding.

Later, we will buy specialized equipment to diversify our offer, and hire to increase the activity “, they hope, before concluding that roofing is a job that can be very pleasant … especially when the weather is good. !