Sudan News - Scientists finally discover the benefits of marriage

Sudan News - Scientists finally discover the benefits of marriage

Scientists are finally discovering the benefits of marriage In the site – lotus news Date: Wednesday, June 20, Scientists finally discover the benefits of marriage NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Married people are less likely to develop heart disease or stroke than those who are not married, according to a recent study. Based on 34 studies conducted over 52 years in a range of universities in Britain, the United States and Australia, involving more than 2 million people between the ages of 42 and 77, divorced, widowed or never married, they had 42% higher risk Of cardiovascular disease, according to the journal “Journal Heart” medical. The study also showed that unmarried men were 16% more likely to develop coronary heart disease and a 42% increased risk of death, while they were 55% more likely to have a stroke. “Our analysis showed that, compared with married individuals, non-marriage was associated with increased coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke deaths,” said Chun Wai Wong, a research author. Wong added that their findings indicated that marriage had a protective effect on cardiovascular disease, likely to be due to social and emotional support thanks to the husband’s presence. Studies conducted over many years have also explained that this protection enjoyed by married people is due to the early recognition of their health problems and their urgent resolution so as not to worsen. University experts also suggested that married couples are more likely to have financial security and a wider network of friendships. They are also more likely to get a balanced diet by encouraging their partner to lose weight, do more physical activities, or simply encourage a doctor to see simple illnesses, such as heartburn, which can be caused by heart disease.

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