Health Sudan South IOM: Ebola Virus Disease Weekly Update 3...

Sudan South IOM: Ebola Virus Disease Weekly Update 3 (13 – 19 January 2020) – South Sudan


Weekly Overview

● DTM continues to operate an additional 22 CFPs dedicated to EVD on the borders with DRC, Uganda and CAR, of which 4 are operated in collaboration with Uganda DTM on the Uganda border. Following the review process, two FMPs, Panjala and Busia were dismantled, and subsequently closed at the end of December 2019, and security restrictions and Lasu and Tokori remained inactive due to security restrictions and will be permanently closed by the end of the month. .

● IOM continued supporting IPC / WASH activities at the 15 PoE (Yei Airstrip, SSRRC, Kaya, Salia Musalla, Morobo, Bazi, Kerwa, Pure, Khorijho, Khor kaya, Bori, Berigo, Ám Nimule, Nimule land crossing, and Juba International Airport), as well as seven health facilities (Yei state hospital, Kaya PHCC, Rhodoba PHCU, PHCC Panyume, Kerwa PHCC, Khorijho PHCU and Morobo PHCC).

● IOM continued with active screening in 17 PoE from the 20 PoE IOM supported, namely: Yei air strip, Yei SSRRC, Kaya, Okaba, Khorijo, Pure, Bazi, Salia Musala, Khor Kaya (Busia), Kerwa, Birigo , Bori, Nimule PoE, Nimule docking side, Nimule Building, Wau International Airport and Juba.


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