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Sudan: the new power promises to "eliminate the roots" of the fallen regime

Resignation of the chief of intelligence

The Sudanese, still mobilized on Saturday, had learned in the late morning of the Military Council the resignation of the head of the powerful NISS intelligence service, Salah Gosh, who has led the crackdown on the protest movement in recent months. Thousands of them waited in front of the headquarters of the army in Khartoum for the instructions of the leaders of the protest, the day after the replacement of the head of the Military Council in power, a relative of Omar al-Bashir. "We are waiting for new instructions from the Association of Sudanese Professionals to know whether to maintain our gathering until we meet our demands or evacuate the premises"said a protester who spent the night in front of the headquarters.

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The Association of Sudanese Professionals (SPA) is the spearhead of the anti-government protest that has persisted since December 19 and caused the overthrow on Thursday by the army of President Omar al-Bashir, who held the country with a hand of since a coup 30 years ago. On Saturday morning, soldiers removed barricades that had been placed in several streets leading to their headquarters, where protesters were either exchanging with the military or cleaning up the premises, preparing food, drinking tea or coffee, after a 7th consecutive night on the spot. Vehicles selling food and drink are also on the premises.

Civil Government

Following the dismissal of Oma al-Bashir, Awad Ibn Uf, the head of the Transitional Military Council now in command of the country, also gave up power Friday night and appointed another military to succeed him. This decision was greeted by scenes of joy from the protesters in Khartoum. "In two days, we overthrew two presidents" or "we succeeded", chanted the protesters, brandishing Sudanese flags. The ruling generals tried on Friday to reassure the international community and demonstrators of their intentions, promising in particular to return the country to a civilian government.

The Military Council has also stated that Omar al-Bashir was in detention but that he would not be "delivered abroad", whereas he has been under arrest for a decade of two warrants of arrest. International Criminal Court (ICC). After weeks of demonstrations demanding his departure, Omar al-Bashir was overthrown Thursday by the army that has set up a "Military Transition Council" for a period of two years. The organizers of the protest promptly urged the military to "Transfer power to a transitional civilian government". On the other hand, "We will continue the sit-in in front of the army headquarters and in other cities", they warned.




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