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Sudanese Pound Rates Today Currency Exchange Rates Today in Sudan Black Market and Central Bank Monday 20/5-2019

We are following the currency rates this morning in Sudan against the Sudanese pound on the black market, as well The price of the Sudanese pound today Against the foreign currencies in the Central Bank. After the political changes in the Republic of Sudan, the exchange rate began to change positively. The pound exchange rate rose significantly against the dollar and the Saudi riyal, and it continued to rise against many foreign currencies.

The Sudanese pound has achieved relative gains over the past few weeks, which exceeded 35% of its value against the US dollar. Under President al-Bashir, The Sudanese Pound against the Dollar With an average of just over 70 pounds in the parallel market, but now the average Sudanese pound prices during the previous few days are trading at an average of 50 pounds per dollar.

The black market in Sudan on Monday

  • The price of the dollar today against the Sudanese pound in the black market reached 60.00 pounds per dollar.
  • The price of the Sudanese pound against the euro today reached 66.60 pounds per euro currency.
  • The price of the Sudanese pound against the Saudi riyal in the black market reached today the price of 16.00 pounds per Saudi riyals.
  • To follow the prices of the rest of the Arab and foreign currencies in the black market click here
  • The price of the Sudanese pound against the Egyptian pound in the free market reached today the price of 3.50 Sudanese pounds for each Egyptian currency.
  • The prices of the Sudanese pound against the UAE dirham today reached an average of 16.43 pounds per dirham.
Sudanese Pound Rate
The price of the Sudanese pound against the dollar in five years

The price of the Sudanese pound against the currencies in Sudan today from the Central Bank

The exchange rate today in Sudan is traded at the average currency rates against the Sudanese pound and the Central Bank as follows

the currency Buy Sale Average

Japanese Yen

Sterling pound

Swiss Franc

Canadian Dollar

Swedish Krona

Norwegian Krone

Danish Krone

Kuwaiti Dinar

Saudi riyal

United Arab Emirates Dirham

The Qatari Riyal

Bahraini Dinar

COMESA Monetary Unit

US Dollar (Egypt)

The military junta intervenes to control monetary and economic policies in Sudan

After more than a year of turmoil and the collapse of the level of the Sudanese pound against most foreign currencies, with the previous government's decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound, and thus doubled currency prices in Sudan without a strict control in the circulation of Sudanese banks and the black market.

But the intervention of the military council with the isolation of the former president to try to control the economic affairs in the state, and for that the Council ordered the Central Bank of Sudan to conduct a comprehensive review of all cash transfers and the task of custody of some of these funds in case of suspicion, Sudanese government to announce the government funds under its control.


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