Suddenly almost everyone cried: roller coaster ride of feelings on “Sing my song”

Updated May 19, 2020, 10:15 p.m.

No season “Sing my song” was as wet as this time. Who is the most reliable way to get colleagues to burn? The only rapper of the round.

Time for country: In the third episode of “Sing my song – The exchange concert”, the work of the Dutch country singer Ilse DeLange was on the program.

In her home country she is a superstar, rather unknown in this country. DeLange and the band The Common Linnets took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014: The song “Calm After The Storm” made it to number 1 on the charts in 17 countries.

The current “Sing My Song” episode quickly turned out to be a roller coaster ride of emotions – including tears for everyone except LEA. MoTrip inspired Ilse DeLange with a German version of “Miracle”, which he made an ode to hope and belief in miracles.

“You are very special the way you are. Never change – for anyone! And now stop. Otherwise I have to put on a new mask!” Said DeLange with wet eyes. Already in the first episode MoTrip Max Giesinger moved to tears with his version of “80 million”.

MoTrip: “It hit me deeply”

Ilse DeLange had to cry again when host Michael Patrick Kelly covered “Love Goes On” – a play for her late father. That didn’t leave Max Giesinger cold either. “I cried snot and water,” he said.

When Ilse DeLange played her new song “Homesick” a little later, all dams broke: first Nico Santos had wet eyes, then MoTrip. Blessed singer Jan Plewka rubbed his eyes and Max Giesinger’s chin trembled.

“I think each of us has a place where you’d rather be more often,” said Nico Santos. MoTrip added: “You enjoy being on the road and at the same time you miss what you sacrifice for it. It hit me deeply.” Ilse DeLange gets them all. You can see more about this moving episode of the VOX “Exchange Concert” in the picture gallery.

The third episode of “Sing My Song – The Exchange Concert” (VOX) was all about the Dutch singer Ilse DeLange. The tears flowed not only with her.



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