Suddenly Appears, Iqlima Kim’s Ex-Husband Attacks Hotman Paris, Challenges Wealth Competition – Iqlima Kim’s confession about being harassed by the famous lawyer Hotman Paris, has a long tail.

The 30 billion lawyer had issued evidence related to allegations of sexual harassment by his former personal assistant.

Hotman Paris also had time to reveal the background of Iqlima Kim.

Iqlima Kim’s life has also been in the spotlight of netizens.

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Who is Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband and his status as a widow with one child has become the attention of netizens.

After much discussion, now Iqlima Kim’s ex -husband has emerged.

A man named Andre Yakub appeared and claimed to be Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband.

Andre Yakub was furious and attacked Hotman Paris.

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Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband scolded Hotman Paris about wealth.

Andre Yakub also reminded Hotman to find out who he was first before insinuating about Iqlima Kim’s wealth.