Sueded by Rp 10 billion, BMW Indonesia Speaks Up, Waits for the Schedule of Continued Sessions

Illustrasi. BMW 535i Gran Turismo. – BMW Indonesia and the other defendants are suspected to be owners of the 2011 BMW 535i Gran Turismo because the engine died while traveling on the toll road.

The lawsuit was registered at the Central Jakarta District Court (PN) with case lawsuit number 337/Pdt.G/2021/PN on June 3, 2021.

Yusman as the owner of the BMW 535i GT sued BMW Indonesia because he was dissatisfied and considered his car to contain hidden defects that could endanger lives.

Through their legal counsel, the prosecution requested material compensation for the defendants amounting to Rp. 690 million, which is the total purchase price of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the immaterial losses reached Rp 10 billion to the defendants jointly and severally, because it involves psychological and comfort losses.

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Regarding this, the Director of Communications of BMW Group Indonesia, Jodie O’tania, gave an explanation.

Jodie said, BMW Indonesia has received a subpoena and details the problems faced by BMW 535i GT customers in 2011.

“We deeply regret that this could happen and are committed to finding the best solution for the benefit of both parties,” said Jodie (27/6/2021).

He ensures that every BMW vehicle marketed in Indonesia has gone through a complete quality inspection process, in accordance with BMW’s global standards.

As part of a further investigation by BMW Indonesia, Jodie said his party had found several supporting facts.

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