Suffered from a double cancer, Bernard Tapie is treated in Belgium where he follows a treatment prohibited in France

Bernard Tapie has suffered for several years from double cancer of the stomach and esophagus. He has already undergone multiple chemotherapy treatments, but they haven’t really improved his condition. As a last resort, he came to Belgium for treatment.

“The teachers who treat me in France, seeing that the treatments I had been receiving for two years were not giving good results, looked to see if, in the world, there were possibly other possibilities,” he said in Le Evening Mag.

And it was in Louvain that he came. Treatment seems to be working for cancer, but it does have many side effects. Its side effects affect the heart. What makes say to the former businessman that one could well see him die cured of cancer.

“I am incapable of carrying out an activity which is equal to what I know how to do,” he says again. all he hopes for now is to extend his life as long as possible.


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