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"Suicide" puzzle of a couple who fell from the 8th floor to death

A COUPLE who has plunged eight floors to his death could have completed a suicide pact, the police said.
Another theory says that only one person wanted to die – but the other one was dragged through a window in their home.
Chris Eades Renata Poncova, 33, was heard screaming by a neighbor shortly before her death. Chris Eades Tony Taylor, 33, heard his girlfriend Renata Poncova arguing just before the couple fell out of the building. The cops confirmed the death of Renata Poncova and her friend Tony Taylor. Both 33 were treated as suspicious.
Det Insp Phil Coster said it was "a possible disruption in the apartment before the fall".
The cops do not think anyone else in Camberwell, South London, was involved in the horror.
A neighbor heard screams just before the couple fell.
Google Maps The pair dropped out of the 8th floor of this tower in Camberwell, South London. SWNS: The Southwest News Service Renata Poncova died just over half an hour after falling from her flat to the ground. She said, "I thought they were arguing. I heard her scream twice. Then the man screamed. "
Mr. Taylor also had a six-year-old son and worked for a computer engineering company.
A relative who was not asked to be named said to The Sun on Sunday, "I'm shocked. I had a good relationship with Tony.
"I saw him on Friday, I saw Renata on Friday. I saw her before that happened.
SWNS: South West News Service Honors and notes were left to Renata by her old colleagues. SNS: South West News Service Flowers and candles were handed over to the two deceased couples last Friday. SWNS: South West News Service Renata and her friend were on the pavement after falling from an apartment on the eighth floorMANERING & # 39; MURDERER & # 39; Suzy Lamplugh Murder suspect cries over "annoyed" at police reception We will remember how Great Britain will be 100 years after the end of the First World War. SICK STATUE SLUR THUGS vandalize the war memorial of Sikh soldier days after its unveiling LEAF IT OUT Rail passengers are about to be interrupted as the services on the route are interrupted. LOST IN TIME Family of the British WW1 soldier finds long-lost writings in the house of Muttis, after the 100-year-old ATTACK THY NEIGHBOUR fans of the Conor McGregor family have beaten neighbor after the UFC fight
"It's tragic. I am absolutely devastated by my granddaughter and Renata's family. "It's a big shock. The family is devastated. "
Detective Inspector Phil Coster said, "I appeal to everyone who knew Renata Poncova and Tony Taylor and had contact in the days before their death to call the police."
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