“Suicide Room. Hejter” by Jan Komasa, “25 years of Tomek Komenda’s innocence” or “Snow will never be again” Polish candidate for the Oscar

The list of films submitted for the Polish Oscar candidate in the category of the best international full-length film was published on Monday on the website of the Polish Film Institute.

At its top there is the “Suicide Room. Hejter” by Jan Komasa, an artist nominated last year. to the Oscar “Corpus Christi”. In his latest film, Komasa tells the story of a law student from a poor family, who is expelled from university and conceals this fact from his financially wealthy friends who help him. The lie finally comes to light, friends lose their trust in the boy, and he decides to take revenge on them. When he gets a job at an advertising agency and gains access to the latest equipment, he starts eavesdropping on them.

The Polish candidate for the Oscar may be “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn, who was included in the official selection of the Cannes 2020 festival. The film shows a few days in the life of a “fitness motivator”, who, despite her celebrity status, lacks real closeness. The “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” by Jan Holoubek, whose main protagonist is a young man wrongfully sentenced to 25 years in prison for committing a violent crime, also has a chance.

The list also includes Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert’s film “There will never be snow again”, which will take part in the main competition of the Venice festival for the Golden Lion in September. According to “Variety”, it is a story about a Ukrainian living in Poland, who – while working as a masseur – visits middle-class residents of towns near Warsaw and becomes privy to their affairs.

The full-length animated film by Mariusz Wilczyński, “Kill it and leave this town”, whose world premiere took place in February this year, was also submitted for recruitment. during the festival in Berlin. As we read on the website of the Krakow Film Foundation, Wilczyński’s painting is “an autobiographical impression, a reminiscence of childhood images, in which the memory of his deceased parents and his hometown of Łódź comes back to life”.

Other productions that can be called the Polish Oscar candidate are: “Supernova” by Bartosz Kruhlik, which last year in Gdynia, it brought the filmmaker an award for the best debut and “Klech” by Jacek Gwizdała – a film about the activities of Fr. Roman Kotlarz.

The Polish candidate for the award of the American Film Academy will be selected by a 6-person Oscar Committee composed of: composer Jan AP Kaczmarek (chairman), director of the Polish Film Institute Radosław Śmigulski, producer Leszek Bodzak, director Dorota Kobiela, cinematographer Łukasz Żal and head of the film production and development department of the Polish Film Institute Małgorzata Szczepkowska-Kalemba. According to the Polish Film Institute, the committee will meet on Monday, August 10 at 11.

The 93rd American Film Academy Awards Gala will be held on April 25, 2021. Nominations will be announced on March 15.


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