“Sulejmani as good as gone – disappointed by FCB-Abascal!”

On Easter Saturday (5.30 p.m.) FCZ welcomes the still champions from Bern. Is there a big party? Here comes the football talk.

the essentials in brief

  • St. Gallen and FC Basel draw 2-2, FCZ lose 0-1 at Servette.
  • YB gives up a point against Lausanne at the bottom (2:2).
  • Nau editor-in-chief Zbinden and chief football reporter Wettstein in conversation. What a heated game yesterday in St. Gallen. Your opinion on the 2-2 draw between St. Gallen and Basel?

Mischi Wettstein: I was sitting in the stands yesterday and I’m thrilled: a football festival, a full house, a great game. Soccer heart, what more do you want?

Micha Zbinden: St. Gallen has not lost eleven times in a row. That’s a club record. Chapeau! If only they had played a better preliminary round.

Wettstein: I would like to talk about FC Basel. I’m disappointed in coach Guillermo Abascal! He just doesn’t manage to benefit from the FCZ point losses. FCB could have easily caught up to seven points if they had won the last two games. It could have been exciting again at the beginning… YB doesn’t win either. Just a 2-2 draw against bottom side Lausanne. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Wettstein: YB is simply no better at the moment than the results show. Coach Matteo Vanetta seems to me like a new tire that already has a flat tire.

Binding: Don’t forget that half the team at YB is injured again. But yes, the first half was incredibly weak and haphazard. All the power and dominance is gone. And the goal in added time was unfortunately not unlucky: you could have easily kept the ball in the opponent’s half and brought the win home. Smart is different. Will there be any personnel changes at YB in the summer?

Binding: YB urgently needs hungry players. The money is there. And of course there will be departures. In any case, crowd favorite Miralem Sulejmani gave notice of his rental apartment in Bern in September. Zurich welcomes the Young Boys on Easter Saturday. your tip?

Wettstein: Even after the 0-1 draw in Geneva, I’m not worried about FCZ. The FCZ was still able to react to the few defeats. I’ll be happy if the Bernese are no longer the favorites to travel to the upcoming champions. Zurich wins 2-1, Marchesano hits – and Mirlind Kryeziu hits with his head.

FCZ vs. YB: Who will win on Easter Saturday?

Binding: Agreed. It can happen that you lose at Servette. It wasn’t normal for FCZ to win everything beforehand. And also that they never had injured players. Becir Omeragic is the first major failure. YB wins the Letzi 2-0 – and ruins the Easter party. Sorry Mishi!

Guillermo Abascal, FC Basel coach, at the press conference after the game at FC St.Gallen. –

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