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The Sumatran tiger It is a subspecies of tiger native to Indonesia in danger of extinction. Currently, 14 zoos in the United States have joined forces in the ‘Species Survival Plan’ program to save the species, with about 400 tiger specimens reportedly left in the wild and about 77 in US zoos.

Among the institutions that joined this cause, the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, located in Tacoma, Washington, undertook the task of mate two of his Sumatran tigers: Raja, a two-year-old male, and Kirana, a six-year-old female.

Despite the good intentions of the keepers, the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium reported that during the act of mating the male Raja caused serious injuries in Kirana.

The animal died on October 4 from “substantial trauma from injuries and a bacterial infection,” it was said.

The zoo statement narrates that the staff of the place approached the tigers “very slowly and carefully over several months”.

At first, they only had visual and olfactory access to each other. When there was a good reaction between them and the tigress Kirana went into heat, the barrier of maya that separated them was removed and they were allowed to interact closely so that they mate, said the authorities of the center.

It is known that, when physically meeting, the tiger pair fought and the situation got out of control. The caretakers had to distract Raja in order to get Kirana out and give him aid.

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Dr. Goodrowe, coordinator of the zoo’s Species Survival Plan, explained: “When tigers breed it is natural for them to fight each other and there is usually some level of aggression […] But this level of aggressiveness was way beyond what we expected.”.

Goodrowe also explained in the same statement that this was the first time that a tiger died when joining the pairs, an action they have carried out since 2010.

The statement also explained that once the animals were separated, the veterinary team addressed Kirana’s injuries, which was monitored for 24 hours on the weekend.

However, the efforts of the staff they were not enough to save the life of the tigress.

Kirana was a beloved tiger, captivating hearts with his impressive gaze and confident demeanor. She was a wonderful ambassador for tiger conservation. Kirana reminded us all that tigers are majestic and beautiful animals at risk of extinction. We will miss her deeply”The zoo wrote in a Facebook post in farewell.

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