Summary of top news, e-finance Thai news agency, dated 27 July 2022

Today’s top stocks : DELTA’s budget grows more than expected …Is it a buy signal yet?
This morning (July 27, 65) DELTA jumped up to 25.54%, received Q2/22 budget, growing 68% more than the market, while the broker sees the second half’s performance continues to grow. Followed by business support into the high season – Chip shortages begin to ease – Data Center sales are still growing strong, boosting the profit target reaching ten thousand million baht for the first year, but still looking at the valuation as expensive as usual !

The SEC orders the bids to amend the properties. KUB to comply with the list criteria by 4 Aug.
The SEC has revealed the SEC’s resolution to order Bitkub Online Company Limited (Bitkub) to rectify the selection and approval of KUB coins to provide services in the digital asset exchange center within the 4th day. August 2022

QH is pleased! The first half sales hit 5 billion baht, moving the selling price after the cost has risen.
QH reveals that the first half of the year 65 made sales at 4-5 billion baht, growing 10% from the launch of 2 new projects worth 4 billion baht. It is preparing to launch 6 more projects with a total value of 6 billion baht. Purchasing power recovered in line with the economy. Accepting construction costs to increase by 4-5%, turn to cost management and adjust some selling prices

CHIC closed the first trading day at 0.95 baht, an increase of 5.56% from the IPO price of 0.90 baht.
CHIC closed the first day of trading (27 July 65) 0.95 baht / share, an increase of 5.56% from the IPO price of 0.90 baht, and aims for profit this year to grow 100% from the bidding project, hinting BTS to acquire 1.47% shares, supporting Synergy future business

BEM-ITD submitted a bid for the orange electric train, while BTS rejected the submission, indicating that the conditions were unfair.
BEM, CK and ITD join forces with South Korea Submit a bid for a joint investment in the MRT Orange Line Project Bang Khun Non – Min Buri (Suwinthawong) round 2 before opening the offer envelope 1 Aug. This “BTS” does not submit a bid after the MRTA adjusts the conditions to determine the qualifications of contractors. unfair dread

SCC 2Q22 profit at 9.9 billion baht, down 42%, interim dividend 6 baht.
The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCC) reported a net profit of 9,937.63 million baht in 2Q22, a 42% decrease from the same period last year with a net profit of 17,136.23 million baht, mainly due to raw material costs of the chemical business. increased Including the share of profit from associated companies in the chemical business decreased. Looking at the second half of the year, there are more risk factors than supporting factors. Ready to cut the investment budget this year to 70 billion baht

AWC establishes a joint venture company Penetrate leading hotels Aiming to increase capital to reach 1.08 billion baht in the future
AWC establishes joint venture company “AWC Hospitality Development” invests in hotels in leading tourist destinations in Thailand Initial registered capital of 1 million baht, ready to prepare a plan to increase capital to 1.08 billion baht in the future

GULF knocks out 4-year and 7-year debentures at 3.50-3.90%, book 15-17 Aug.
GULF set interest on 4-year debentures at 3.50% per annum and 7-year debentures at 3.90% per annum, offered to the general public during 15-17 Aug. Another 9 financial places are sure to get the attention of investors. from the stability of the bond issuer and satisfactory return on investment

“Kiri” is ready to invest in electric trains Jang never asked for a green train concession.
“Kiri Kanjanapas” confirms ready to invest in the electric train project Confident in having expertise and continuous experience in business Ready to explain the clues of the Green Line train never asked for a concession They just want the government to pay their debts back.

OR invests in Traveloka to strengthen tourism-lifestyle business
OR has invested in Traveloka, one of the leading online travel and lifestyle booking platforms in ASEAN, through PTTOR International Holdings (Singapore) Pte. integrated lifestyle

PTT buys LNG from “Cheniere Energy” US 1 million tons / year, delivered in 69
PTT sends “PTT Global LNG” to a long-term, 20-year, 1 million tonnes per year liquefied natural gas purchase agreement with companies in the US Cheniere Energy group to expand its LNG business through the transition to clean energy. create energy security with the aim of becoming an international LNG Player and supporting fuel price volatility.

“Chitta Wealth” sees investment in the second half of the year 65 still volatile, depressed economic recession
“Chitta Wealth” foreseeing the investment picture in the second half of the year 65 is still volatile, the bear market and The recession pressures investment until next year. Indicates investors to avoid the volatility from the west to Asia, especially China, Vietnam and Japan, where investments flow. continually enter Ready to launch a new fund “Jitta Ranking Japan” using AI to select 30 good stocks with cheap prices to arrange a portfolio Lifting the 10-year average return of 26.12%

COM7 invests 400 million baht, invests in “Buddhadhamma Insurance” to acquire 89.29% shares
COM7 throws a budget of 400 million baht, invests in “Puttham Dhamma Insurance (PTI)”, both buying 89.29% shares, totaling 170 million baht, ready to borrow money or increase capital by 230 million baht.

ADVANC reveals that the court ordered not to pay for the mobile service of 31 billion baht to NT
ADVANC reveals that the Central Administrative Court has ordered no payment of benefits for mobile phone service both prepaid revenue share and roaming news network expenses totaling 31,076 million baht plus interest

The Bank of Thailand expects 2Q22 economy to grow 3.3% after June 22, continues to be good, support exports and tourism
The Bank of Thailand expects the Thai economy to grow 3.3% in the second quarter after June 22, benefiting from continued growth in exports and recovering tourism. Inflation pointed to its highest point in 3Q22 before falling, while the second half still had momentum from private consumption. and travel

life insurance association Total insurance premiums are expected to grow by 0-2.5% this year after the COVID-19 pandemic.
life insurance association It is expected that this year’s total insurance premiums will reach the target of 612,000-629,500 million baht, or a growth of 0-2.5% from the first half of the year with total insurance premiums of 289,097 million baht, a contraction of 1.94%.

Commerce reveals June exports grow 11.9%, receiving food group – weak baht to support this year’s target of 4%
Commerce reveals that June exports grew 11.9%, while the first half grew 12.7%. Food groups are still the hero. plus a weak baht Ready to maintain the export target for the whole year at 4%, continue to search for new markets On the import side, Jun. grew 24.5%, while the first 6 months grew 21%

Source: E-finance Thai News Agency