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Three matches were played at the beginning of date 16 of colombian soccer, with results that ignited the fight for the classification among the eight best, who will play the semifinal home runs.

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Envigado’s victories over Millonarios, and Alianza over Medellín, put more pressure in this race for qualification, in which only Nacional and the blue team are insured for the moment.

Independiente Medellín fell 3-0 against Alianza Petrolera as a visitor. The powerful one did not show a great game and his rival shone through Jhon Pérez who scored with a double and a goal from Sebastián Acosta on the end, they were enough to hold on among the eight best in the championship. The DIM needed a win not to lose track of their competitors for a place among the eight and this was a direct game.

With this result, the Antioquia red will have to win the four remaining games to continue fighting for the classification and cut a streak of four consecutive eliminations.

The local was opened the scoring at minute 34 through Jhon Pérez, the Santander midfielder received the ball from Freddy Flórez and with a 30-meter shot he left Marmolejo without an option, scoring a great goal and celebrating the Barrancabermeja crowd.

In the complementary stage, Alianza Petrolera came out with great momentum and at minute 4, Jhon Pérez after a counterattack extended the advantage on the scoreboard for the locals. The Santander midfielder showed a great level in this game, scoring a double and infecting his teammates with that desire.

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At minute 44 came the third goal for Alianza that settled the match through Sebastián Acosta, who took advantage of a ball in the area and with his left leg beat Marmolejo.

Lapidary result for Medellín, who will have to win the remaining four games to reach 32 points and improve his goal difference, which is now -2. For Alianza it is the reflection of a great campaign, they are already sixth in the table with 25 points and with two victories they could ensure their classification, taking into account their goal difference which is +8.

Pereira saved a point on the hour

In the other match of the day on Tuesday, Atlético Bucaramanga won 0-1 as a visitor against Pereira and with that they got among the eight, but in injury time came the tie from Matecaña, 1-1.

The visiting goal was converted by Carlos Henao at minute 40. Pereira, who is struggling to escape relegation, but is in a great moment, achieved the tie at the end, through Rafael Navarro.

Thus, Pereira reached 28 points and is currently among the eight. Bucaramanga is ninth with 22 points.

In the other match of the day, Envigado surprised Millonarios and defeated him 2-1 at the Polideportivo Sur.

With this victory, the orange box remains in the fight, as it is fifth, with 26 points.


Envigado 2, Millionaires 1
Alliance 3, Medellin 0
Pereira 1, Bucaramanga 1

Equity vs. Aguilas (4 pm)
​Cali vs. Patriotas (6 p. m.)
National vs. Once Caldas (8:05 pm)

Pasto vs. Huila (2 p. m.)
​Santa Fe vs. Jaguares (4 p. m.)
​Junior vs. Quindío (6:05 p. m.)
Tolima vs. America (8:10 pm)

This is how the table goes on date 16

DIf points
1. National 36 19
2. Millionaires 32 13
3. Tolima 28 10
4. Pereira               28            5
5. Envigado 26 4
6. Alliance 25 8
7. Junior                 24            2
8. Jaguars 22 1
9. Bucaramanga   22           -2
10. Cali                   21           -1
11. Quindío 20 0
12. Santa Fe          20          -1
13. Medellin 20 -2
14. America 19 -1
15. Eagles 16 -4
16. Equity 15 -4
17. Meal 12 -10
18. Once Caldas 12 -12
19. Patriots 11-10
20. Huila                  7        -15


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