– Summer is definitely making a comeback

July was a cold month in large parts of the country. In Eastern Norway, it was the coldest month of July in 50 years.

The beginning of August, however, has offered much higher temperatures, and there is now a high pressure over the region. Meteorologists warn that the summer heat will continue throughout the week.

High temperatures

Temperatures will be high throughout southern Norway. Northern Norway, which throughout July could enjoy high summer temperatures, now gets slightly more normal temperatures with 20 degrees as the maximum temperature.

– It is a high pressure that is quite fortunately located over central parts of Scandinavia, and this will remain until Wednesday, says on-duty meteorologist in StormGeo, Cecilie Villanger to TV 2.

Due to the location of the high pressure, it will mostly be sunny, nice and warm weather for most people.

– From Thursday onwards, the high pressure weakens a bit, and it moves east. It opens up for some weaker fronts to come in from the west, says Villanger.

Here it is warmest

This can lead to precipitation in some places in the country.

– The amount of precipitation has varied greatly. This is a slight drip to 30-40 millimeters, says the meteorologist.

But it passes quickly, and the high pressure returns towards the weekend.

– Right now it is warmest in the inner parts of Western Norway with 26-27 degrees. Eastern Norway is just over 20 degrees, the same in Trøndelag, says Villanger.

– Comeback

The heat will remain fairly stable, and be slightly rising until Wednesday. And then it is Eastern Norway that gets the warmest weather.

In Nordland it will be OK temperatures at the beginning of the week. In Troms and Finnmark the temperatures are between 10-14 degrees.

– Summer is definitely making a good comeback this week, and everyone will enjoy it, says the meteorologist.

(©NTB/TV 2)

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