Summer promotion on Orlen? The MP was surprised: priests already have it!

The president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, informed that at the beginning of summer holidays in Poland, fuel prices may be reduced. Piotr Zgorzelski, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, spoke about the “summer promotion” in the program “Tłit” of Wirtualna Polska. – Well, priests already have a loyalty program and they have a cheaper one at a gas station, and the employees of “Orlen Press” too – he said. – Priests? All? – Patryk Michalski, who hosts the program, asked. – I heard that everyone, but maybe I’m wrong – replied the PSL politician. – Do you come to Orlen in a collar and there is a discount? How it’s working? Where did you get this information from? – Michalski asked. – It went somewhere in my head, you have to check it – said Zgorzelski. – The loyalty program should include a point that you will get a discount of PLN 1 per liter if you declare that you will vote for PiS – the WP guest said ironically.