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When it comes to OLED TV, it’s hard to set the bar as high as LG. If the C1 is a huge best seller of 2021, it is thanks to the perfect mastery of the Korean giant, then the only manufacturer in the world capable of mass-producing large OLED panels.

With its diagonal of 55 inches, or 139cm, its 4K definition, its 120 Hz, its powerful processor and its infinite contrast inherited from its OLED panel, the C1 is almost perfect.

As a reminder, OLED technology is based on self-emissive diodes, without backlighting. Concretely, this means that when the screen displays a black image, the pixels simply turn off. Result: the colors are ultra precise and rich, the image gives an impression of depth, and above all, the contrast is literally infinite.

If we combine OLED with a nice processor capable of avoiding marking and improving the rendering of images from any source, but also with nice gaming characteristics, we have the ideal versatile television… the C1 what.

Question games, we can say that the LG C1 does not do things by halves. Indeed, with its 4K resolution, HDMI 2.1 ports, 120Hz refresh rate, and smart game mode, it’s fair to say that this smart TV is perfect for next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X!

If the C1 is currently reaching such low prices, it is because all the merchants are wholesale destocking. Indeed, the C2, a television from the same range but from the year 2022 has already been released, and space must be made to accommodate it.

So you may be asking yourself “why not take the C2 rather than the C1”? Good question.

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Quite simply because the differences between the two machines are not worth, in our opinion, at all the hundreds of euros that separate them today. You can trust us on this, we know this market by heart.

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