Summer thunderstorms over Hamburg: roof truss fire after lightning strike

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Created: 04.08.2022Updated: 08/05/2022 09:57 am

Von: Dominick Waldeck


Roof truss fire in Hamburg-Eissendorf © Blaulicht-News

First came the heat wave, then the summer thunderstorm. Large parts of Hamburg were hit by the cooling, but lightning struck a house in Harburg.

Hamburg – A heavy summer thunderstorm swept across large parts of the Hanseatic city on Thursday evening, August 4th, 2022. The south and east were hit particularly hard. Roads were under water and trees fell. Lightning struck an apartment building in Hamburg-Harburg.

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Lightning strike in apartment building: fire brigade must extinguish roof fire

The roof truss caught fire as a result of the lightning strike and thick smoke billowed out from under the roof tiles. With several fire engines and turntable ladders, the Hamburg fire brigade was on site to fight the flames. Not an easy task for the rescuers in their heavy protective gear at the current temperatures. The forces had to be exchanged quickly, but the fire was stopped in time.

Fire brigade on duty: rescued several people from the house

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Spreading to the neighboring house could be prevented by using several fire hoses. Several people were rescued from the home by the men and women from the fire department. The rescue service, which was also alerted, took care of the residents. Luckily nobody was injured. For the next few days, the weather in Hamburg will remain cooler until it is supposed to get warmer again in the coming days.