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Summer time is super unpopular. Here are the countries trying to give it up.

Anyone who wants to make an international call this weekend would feel a little uncomfortable.

Daylight saving time ends in the United States on Sunday and beats the clock back an hour. The change took place a week earlier in Europe, which means that the time difference between the continents was currently lower.

It's another confusing wrinkle in a confusing temporal process that puzzles the world.

Today, 70 countries change their clocks for summer time in the middle of the year, including most of North America, Europe and parts of South America and New Zealand. China, Japan, India, and most of the countries near the equator, are neither falling behind nor leaping ahead. In many parts of Asia and South America, the summer time change was adopted, but then abandoned. It has never been seen in most African countries.

While the US is extending its summer time in 2005 and Florida wants to set the standard time, other countries want to give it up. The European Union is considering a plan to abandon the switch from summer time to mid-year. "Millions. , , I think that summer time should be all the time, "said European Union head Jean-Claude Juncker to German reporters in August. Juncker referred in part to an online survey of the E.U., which found that changing the clock is enormously unpopular. (As my colleague Rick Noack has pointed out, there are methodological issues: "Most of the participants came from one country – Germany – where time change has been a strange topic on the front page for years, but any EU decision would .) Impact on the 27 other Member States. ")

Even if the E.U. The amendment agreed that it would have to be approved by the European Parliament and each of the 28 Member States. But it seems like that is possible. The abolition of the changeover to summer time is a rare topic in Poland. Russia and Belarus have stopped the process years ago. (Russian scientists claim that the risk of a heart attack has risen by 50 percent and the suicide rate has risen as the clock changes.)

A few days ago, Morocco rejected the fallback for summer time just before the clocks were turned. It will save "an hour of natural light," said Minister of Administration Mohammed Ben Abdelkader told Maghreb Arabe Press.

The concept of summer time has been widely proposed independently by several people around the world. In 1895, New Zealand entomologist George Hudson suggested that the clock be postponed by two hours so that the insect hunters would have more sunlight on summer evenings. Seven years later, William Willett, a British architect, proposed to postpone the clock "to prevent the nation from wasting daylight." Willett submitted the proposal to the British Parliament and campaigned for it until his death in 1915.

In 1916, the German government adapted Willett's idea to save money during the First World War. Other European countries and the United States soon followed. In 1919, summer time was lifted in the United States. In 1966 she returned by federal law. It was implemented by the European Union in the 1980s.

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