Summer used to look like that, but can you guess the resort?

Memories from old tapes are always fond. In the photos you can see the town of Tsarevo in the summer of the 70s, then named Michurin. The famous names of the settlement in the written history are the following: Vasiliko (XII century), Vasilikos (1352), Vasiliko – until 1934, Tsarevo – until 1950, Michurin – until 1991, and after 91 to this day it is again called Tsarevo.

There are 2 versions of the origin of the name Vasiliko. According to one of them, the name comes from the Bulgarian village of Bosilkovo destroyed by the Turks in the Aytos part of the Eastern Stara Planina. Some of its inhabitants, who are escaping from conversion to Islam, are moving here. Subsequently, they writhed after pressure from the Ahtopol bishop, writes.

According to another version, the origin of the name Vasiliko is from the Greek – “basilevs” (βασιλιάς), which translated into Bulgarian means king. built by Prince Basil – one of the grandsons of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine.