Summit by classes: Nation will review expanded protocol of the City

Faced with this impediment, the City undertook to present a protocol again but with the corrections that were indicated by the Ad hoc Commission of the national portfolio last Wednesday.

From the entity belonging to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires it was argued that the prevailing desire is to “go find” the more than 6,500 students who had “No or little contact with the school” since the beginning of virtual classes was determined by the pandemic.

In turn, they indicated that “three months ago the program of accompaniment to families during the isolation stage was put into operation” in order to be able to provide “solutions to situations related to the schooling of their children” and, in this way, they achieved that ” many students who had lost contact or had very discontinuous contact, did not drop out of school. “

“The solution is not to readjust and insist on a proposal that does not resolve the pedagogical and social issues that we must address”, said the national minister, so, according to what was reported by a source in the conclave, he offered to deploy “the accompanying national program” and to carry out a joint work table between the three institutions with a focus on the most vulnerable spaces in society.

In this coordinated area, the treatment of issues related to the habitual mobility of teachers and students between the Province of Buenos Aires and CABA will be considered, they reported.

In that sense, it was noted that “Mobility is an essential element to consider to meet the pedagogical objectives and return to the classroom.”


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