sun and exceptional temperatures in the South

After an already mild Saturday, Sunday will again be marked by very mild temperatures for mid-October, with a heat worthy of a month of July in Aquitaine.

Under the effect of an anticyclone which swells from northern Africa to southern Europe, very hot air will rise from the Sahara to the south of France, announces La Chaîne Météo*. But this wind will get wet as it passes over the Mediterranean and will bring gray, rainy and windy weather from Roussillon to the Cévennes to Provence. In the North, you remain under the influence of a depression-related disturbance over the British Isles with rains. On the other hand, from the Pyrenees to the Massif Central to the Alps and the Grand-Est, you enjoy a sunny day, with heat in the afternoon. But the autan and the southerly wind are sometimes sensitive from the Midi-Pyrénées to the Lyonnais.

The weather in your area

North of the Loire, your day will unfold under clouds and a few showers. The precipitation will be attenuated compared to Saturday and the umbrella will not always be necessary. It will be very mild with 18 to 20°C in the afternoon.

Of the Charentes au Poitou until Great East, after a hesitant morning, you will find beautiful clearings and a great mildness in the afternoon, with 20 to 24°C.

In the Mediterranean regions, your sky will be very cloudy with some showers in Languedoc, especially in the Cévennes. The sea wind will be sensitive, blowing up to 50 km/h in gusts. You will have 20°C on the Hérault and 26°C in the Roussillon plain in the afternoon.

Anywhere elses, you will spend the day under the sun, sometimes veiled. The level of temperatures will be exceptional with an average of 25°C in the afternoon. Locally, in the South-West, 30°C will be possible. We will be at the heat record level for mid-October.

The summer mildness will then spread throughout France to settle and persist next week. It will thus be around 20°C in Paris on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 17°C on average in Lille and 20°C in Strasbourg. Throughout France, the average will be between 6 and 7°C above seasonal standards. It’s probably only next weekend that temperatures will begin to drop. If this heat wave is approaching the records for this period of mid-October, it is not entirely unprecedented. In 2014, the second half of October reached a national average of 19.2°C.

*The Weather Channel is a property of the Figaro group.