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[The Epoch Times, April 18, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya) Sun Chunlan, the vice premier of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, who was supervising the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, overturned in the comment area when he talked about the staged results of the Shanghai epidemic on TV. ,twoMore than 1,000 live broadcast threads expressed strong dissatisfaction with Shanghai’s current epidemic prevention policies.

4moon15In the “News Network” broadcast by CCTV, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, Sun Chunlan disclosed in an interview that nearly5The strength of 10,000 medical workers and nucleic acid testing, and emphasized that according to the requirements of Xi Jinping, under the leadership of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the joint fight against the epidemic has achieved phased results.2.27down to1.23, the realization of the goal of social zero is just around the corner. “

However, the citizens of Shanghai did not buy it, and directly voiced their opinions in the comment area of ​​media reports. According to the screenshot of the message under the open comment area on the official Weibo of “Beijing Youth Daily”,twoMore than 1,000 netizens left messages, most of which were “support Zhang Wenhong”, and some netizens said “support Zhang Wenhong, support scientific epidemic prevention”, “support Dr. Zhang”, “support Zhang Wenhong, respect science”, “trust common sense, respect science” , support Zhang Wenhong”. More people liked these posts.

A group of professionals in Shanghai, represented by Zhang Wenhong, advocated “Precise epidemic prevention“,but3moon25Zhang Wenhong has disappeared since his last press conference.Shanghai also3moon28The city began to be locked down.

With Sun Chunlan personally supervising the implementation of the dynamic “zero policy” in Shanghai, Shanghai’s epidemic prevention has completely turned. Most of the comments believe that the normal living materials cannot be guaranteed under the closed city, which intensifies the contradiction between the central and local governments.

Zhang Wenhong said before, “Everyone does not eat or drink, there is no place to buy vegetables, and they cannot go to the hospital if they are sick. The number of people who die in that way is far higher than the death toll from the coronavirus.” He called for a return to normal life as soon as possible.

Miao Xiaohui, former vice president of Changzheng Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Second Military Medical University, who supported Zhang Wen’s macro point,14Day publicly shouted on social platforms, do not mislead14billion people.

He said: “Calling Wu Zunyou and Liang Wannian, who have great power in speech, have you ever been doctors? Have you seen a patient? I want to coerce Dr. Zhang Wenhong into the air with you two.PK, topic: extra deaths and zeros and all.You two have the ability to ‘zero’, I’m facing14Billion people cut their wrists to apologize……Omicronstill, if it rolls away,youcronorniancronWill come again.Please don’t continue to mislead from first to last14billion people! “

4moon16In the evening, in Lianqin Village, Beicai Town, Shanghai, the government dispatched90A bus pulled the entire village away overnight, and was ridiculed by the public as the first to achieve social zero.

Large-scale nucleic acid screening becomes part of the epidemic transmission chain

Zhu Weiping, chief physician of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, revealed many of the hidden truths in Shanghai’s epidemic prevention in conversations with citizens. Including the falsification of the number of infected people, the positive cases will not be reported, and the CDC will call the citizens to inform the citizens to quarantine. Healthcare workers are under pressure and professionals are “going crazy”.

Then Zhu Weiping was in4moon13He spoke out again today and issued an open letter to medical workers, community workers, and volunteers in Shanghai, reminding them to strengthen their own protection, and put forward four work opinions, and also warned that many of them lacked professional training, resulting in nucleic acid The increased risk of transmission during the test expressed concern, “The more it is at this time, the more it is impossible to relax the protection requirements, otherwise, the original force against the virus may be used by the virus and become a part of the transmission chain.”

Zhu Weiping also bluntly stated that the medical staff currently participating in the nucleic acid screening in the community, including the community workers who are organized and coordinated on site, “many people have not received systematic training on protection knowledge, and there are exposures and crossovers during the nucleic acid detection process or the procedures for removing protective clothing. risk of infection.”

Zhu Weiping emphasized again that all districts should organize training as soon as possible, all staff involved in nucleic acid testing need to receive training on personal protection knowledge, and at the same time strengthen personal protection awareness when working on-site.

The voice of a Shanghai bottom-level medical staff who has been widely circulated in the WeChat group. She said that nucleic acid is collected every day and standardized operations are done as much as possible, but it is still inevitable that some viruses will be carried on clothes, or aerosols in the air. formation of concentration.

The bottom doctor emphasized that this is really easy to cause cross-infection. So now many Shanghai residents are saying, “I have never been out, and I stay at home every day, except for testing and accounting, why would I be infected?” This is the question.

She suggested that the public should only be quarantined at home, quarantined at home, and then tested for antigens, once every two days or three days, for 14 days. It is relatively better for medical workers to accept only those antigen-positive patients who come to the door.

The secondary disasters of the Shanghai epidemic are frequent The people will rebel

Shanghai announced the closure of the city, resulting in secondary disasters due to extreme prevention and control policies. The article “Dead in Shanghai” recently circulated on WeChat, recording the people who died abnormally in this epidemic, including the death of the economist Lang Xianping’s mother waiting for the nucleic acid test report, the nurse Zhou Shengni who was unable to seek medical treatment at the hospital where she worked, and others. The deceased who were refused to go to the hospital by the neighborhood committee, volunteers, or the police were delayed in seeking medical treatment. There were also cases of elderly people living alone who died of starvation at home, and even various suicides.

Many ordinary people were suddenly blocked on the spot, especially vendors in major vegetable markets in Shanghai. Residential segregation conditions are extremely poor.4moon11On the day, Jiangyin Road vegetable market was trapped,oneMore than 100 positive hawkers and vegetable farmers were shut down from vegetable farms17Tianhou rioted, tore down the isolation hoarding, and unblocked them by themselves. They directly shouted that they were going to rebel, but the police hid in the police car and did not dare to get out of the car. Some people in quarantine were also lying in police cars in further protest.

4moon14Day, Zhangjia Nashi International Community, Pudong New Area, Shanghai,500 residents protest against the government’s unannounced expropriation5Buildings are used as isolation points, completely disregardingallsafety of residents. A large number of police officers used violence to drive away residents at the gate of the community, and forcibly entered to arrest people, including the elderly and women.

The residential community shouted loudly, expressing strong dissatisfaction with the CCP’s long-term closure of the community, and the lack of materials and equipment to keep up with starvation.

In Shanghai Xiangnan Community, residents protested the construction of shelters in community school buildings. The authorities set up heavy guards at the entrances of all communities, and residents did not even have time to let loose.

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