Sunak and Truss, finalists in the race to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In the fifth and final round of voting by Conservative MPs, Sunak received the support of 137 of her Conservative colleagues and Truss 113 votes, while Mordaunt withdrew after being backed by 105 MPs.

The two finalists now have more than a month to campaign to convince the 160,000 Conservative Party members who will have to decide between the two candidates before the winner is announced in September.

Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, which defines the rules in the party, said it would now be up to Conservative members to choose the Conservative leader and prime minister.

He announced that the vote to elect one of the two candidates will close on Friday, September 2, and the result will be announced at 12:30 pm on Monday, September 5.

The election comes after weeks of turmoil, culminating in a chaotic 48 hours of ministerial resignations amid scandals engulfing the prime minister. Boris Johnsonwho announced his resignation on July 7 and would remain in office until a new leader emerges to replace him.

As the British press maintained, Sunak was one of the finalists given the high support he has from his fellow deputies and co-religionists, although several polls indicate that he would lose to Truss when the affiliates vote.

A YouGov poll of 725 party members suggests that Sunak would lose to Truss who is 20 points ahead of him.

Sunak and Truss locked in a bitter fight during last Sunday’s ITV-televised leadership debate and then walked out of the following debate hosted by Sky News after apparently acknowledging how much damage they could have done to the party, it was reported. the media.

Thrown into the campaign, Sunak said in a video posted online that, unlike Truss, he can beat the Labor Party leader Keir Starmer in the next election.

“I have always said that I want to be honest about the challenges we face. I helped the country go through a difficult period in the last two years, ”he later told the press.

He also denied that his team had lent votes to other candidates to manipulate the race, which he considered “very close” for which he feels honored.

He dismissed suggestions that the campaign had been too negative, saying it was really a debate about ideas that is very healthy to make sure you have the right policies for the country.

Truss, for his part, also published a message thanking his followers and all the candidates who defended the leadership.

“Each of them has contributed enormously to the Conservative Party and to public life. She said she is excited to now present to the country about her bold new economic plan that will cut taxes, grow our economy and unlock the potential of everyone in the UK. “As prime minister, I would start working from day one, unite the party and govern according to conservative values”he added.

In turn, Mordaunt, who was eliminated from the contest today, in another message on the networks, also thanked his followers and called for party unity.

“I also want to congratulate both Rishi and Liz on moving to the next stage. I salute anyone who steps up for such a demanding role. Politics is not easy. It can be a divisive and difficult place. Now we all must work together to unify our party and focus on the work that needs to be done,” he said.

The reactions in the opposition were immediate with the deputy Conor McGinn, MP from the Labor Party, stating that Truss and Sunak are “Johnson administration stooges and accused them of having no plan to deal with the cost of living crisis.

“Which candidate wins, one thing is clear: the more time we give the Conservatives, the more damage they will do. Only Labor can provide the fresh start the country needs.”he told the British media.

Also the Vice President of the Labor Party, Angela Raynercriticized the two Tories who were fighting for access to Downing Street 10.

“This contest for the Conservative leadership is so frighteningly embarrassing that both candidates have withdrawn from the television debate”he said on Twitter.

“They are hiding from the town and their history. The Tories have no leadership and no answers. They are not fit to rule. Only Labor can provide the fresh start the country needs.”he claimed.

While Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s controversial former right-hand man and mastermind of the Brexit campaign, today mocked the European Research Group (ERG) for backing Truss whom he called “useless” in a tweet.

In turn, from the European Movement, they said that instead of inviting them to join in the search for Brexit, both must address the daily economic difficulties left by the departure of the United Kingdom from the European bloc.

In a statement, they highlighted the falling pound sterling, rising inflation and the consequences of leaving the EU’s single market which has led to increased trade frictions and a troubled economy for the UK.

“Throughout this leadership contest, both have shown that they will do and say anything to cover up the economic damage that Brexit is causing. But the British are not fooled and as fear of the project becomes a reality of Brexit, we are not surprised to see public opinion turning increasingly against our decision to leave the EU,” they affirmed.

“It’s no surprise that people are turning to the UK’s biggest pro-European organization and joining the European Movement”he concluded.

Meanwhile, this afternoon, Johnson bid farewell to the British Parliament after his last question session as prime minister.

He defended his career by launching a “hasta la vista, baby!” between the applause of the conservatives and the boos of the opposition.

“Mission Completely Accomplished”Johnson assured when taking stock of his three years in office.


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