A physician warns about the consequences of too long sunbathing and explains how to protect yourself.

For hours, the skin is exposed to the sun every day during summer and vacation, especially on the first days in southern countries is cautious. “Sun protection factor 30 to 50 protect against skin cancer,” advises dermatologist Dr. med. Carsten Weishaupt. Many people are still not clear: sunscreen is not optional. As a result, 200,000 people in Germany get skin cancer every year. Dr. Carsten Weishaupt, Head of the Skin Tumor Center at Münster University Hospital, sums up the dangers of sunlight. Because: “Sunburn is a no-go,” says Weishaupt. But sun makes after the many dark months – with the right precautions – above all, fun and happy.
LSF 30 is minimum
“Whether spray or cream, pump bottle or compressed air tank, it is important to distribute the sunscreen evenly on all uncovered skin areas,” Weishaupt explains and recommends at least SPF 30, but in the best case 50. Because in order to achieve full protection with the lower SPF, It takes between 30 and 50 milliliters of sunscreen for the whole skin. “No one uses that much,” says the doctor. Even though there are different skin types that can tolerate more or less sun, people with darker skin should also opt for SPF 50. For children, after bathing or when sweating applies: always cream. “Every sunburn damages the skin and should be avoided,” warns Weishaupt. Even though sunburn does not mean skin cancer, it has been proven that it increases the risk of UV damage.

Stay in the shade
By the way, you better protect yourself by staying in the shade and wearing long clothes. And especially on the head sunscreen is important. Due to the vertical angle of incidence, the UV light hits the skin with more energy. Especially in men over the age of 60, who often have light hair, white skin cancer occurs there: “White skin cancer is almost a widespread disease for men of this age.” But also common is white skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of cancer. After a long time in the sun, Weishaupt also advises to take good care of the skin: “Whether with after-sun products or normal skin care creams does not make much of a difference. The care is definitely important. ”
Skin screenings every 2 years
In addition to the correct protective measures, the senior physician recommends regular preventive care: “Skin screening takes over the health insurance company from 35 years, sometimes even earlier, usually every two years. Early detection also plays a major role here. “Especially people who have had many sunburns or many birthmarks are eligible. Even immunosuppressed or transplant patients are at increased risk. “Regardless of whether there has been a recent sunburn, you should definitely check newly occurring moles by the dermatologist,” says Weishaupt.

How to get protected by the summer!

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