Sunita Mani joins Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds in Spirited for Apple TV +

The first news related to the film Spirited and Apple TV +, date from 2019, a month after the launch of Apple’s video streaming service, although at that time, it was only known that Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds They were involved, and that the title would be a Christmas Carol, title for apparently has changed.

According to the guys from Deadline, Sunita Mani, actress known for her roles on Mr. Robot Y GLOW, will be part of the project Spirited, along with Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer (protagonist of the series for Apple TV + Truth be told).

Mani will play Past, known as The Ghost of Christmas Past, a musical adaptation of a Christmas Carol by the writer Charles Dickens. All music in this movie will be original, so if you like musicals, you should give this new movie a shot when it premieres on Apple TV +.

The movie is Directed by Sean Anders, who along with John Morris will also do the work of screenwriter. In the production work is Ryan Reynolds with his production company Maximum Effort and Will Ferrell with his production company Gloria Sanchez Productions (curious name). Also in production are Jessica Elbaum and David Koplan.

At the moment we do not know when production is scheduled to start, so we can not yet venture a possible release date. Most likely, this new film will be released first in theaters, at least in the United States, and a few weeks later, it will land on Apple TV + for all subscribers completely free of charge.

According to various rumors, to get the rights to this musical, Apple paid just over $ 60 million in a bidding war between Netflix, Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.