Sunny notes for a radiant “Musical Spring in Roannais”

Sparkling and daring, such is the program of the event, explains Jean-Pierre Gilfaut, founding president of the musical society. HASclose to an opening at the Scarabée on 1is June, by the brilliant violinist and cellist, Camille and Juliette Berthollet, we remain faithful to the various stages and in particular to Saint-André-d’Apchon, the breeding ground of the festival”.

Under the direction of Florent Gilfaut, son of the president, will perform the Children’s Orchestra of the Coast June 11 in the evening. The 75 musicians will perform excerpts from famous musicals. “The strength of the Association is friendliness, sharing. From 10 to 90 years old, musicians form a true union across generations.” insists Yannis Dumoulin, pianist and percussionist of the orchestra, in charge of communication.

A change of scenery in South American territory is offered at Renaison on June 14 with the musicians of Vidala. Argentinian poetry and folklore will sing the great Andean spaces. Jazz atmosphere, Celtic rock, it is a trip from the port of Lorient to the steep shores of Galicia and Asturias that offers on June 17, in Saint-André-d’Apchon, the Treizh Brass Youm Kamm, recognized “Revelation of the Festival Lorient Interceltic”. Youm Kamm, trumpeter will perform Breton-sounding rock.

Finally, on June 29, the young women of the University Choir of San Francisco will close this Printemps de la Musique with fireworks, perhaps to the famous tune: San Francisco, San Francisco.

Beatrice Perrod-Bonnamour

All to know:

Printemps Musical en Pays Roannais is one of the oldest music festivals.
Created in 1989, it takes place every year in May-June in Saint-André-d’Apchon. Eclectic is its programming which covers music from yesterday and today, in order to attract a wide audience. Since its birth, it has hosted prestigious musicians: Daniel Kawka, Bernard Tétu, Maurice André, Guy Touvron… And international orchestras.