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Sun'R launches a short-circuit green electricity offer

According to Sun'R, this is a major innovation to accelerate the energy transition. The independent producer of photovoltaic energy launched Wednesday, April 17 throughout France a green energy offer "in short circuits", allowing thanks to the blockchain to choose a local supply and to benefit from a certification in real time of the allocation of the green electricity.

The objective is to "turn your back on the opaque system of the original guarantee certificates", in order to answer a "civilizational need for short circuits", can be found among both producers and consumers, explains the founder and president of Sun'R Antoine Nogier. Under the new brand "Volterres", Sun'R promises not to be satisfied anymore "to buy original guarantees (…) to offset the electricity consumption of its customers", but of "to be concerned about the temporal correspondence between production and consumption", as well as to provide electricity "in priority from local renewable sources".

"The ambition of Volterres is to accelerate the development of additional means of production in each territory," the press release summarizes.

A "qualitative surplus" without additional cost

In the vision of Sun'R, the producers "partners" This will mainly involve independent producers of wind, solar, biomass or hydroelectric power, which today sell their production to EDF or on the wholesale market but wish to strengthen their territorial presence.

"Our offer now allows them to tell another story for the benefit of their brand, and to grow while maintaining their own business models and selling prices", believes Antoine Nogier.

Compensation contracts for power plants (purchase obligation, additional compensation or sales on the market) will remain unchanged, says Sun'R.

As for the customers, it will be either companies wanting to go beyond the guarantees of origin for reasons of social and environmental responsibility, or of the local communities wanting to support and make visible the development of renewable in their territory. This "qualitative surplus" will not involve additional costs compared to the prices charged by the competition, says Alexis Bouanani, director of Volterres. And as in any "classic" offer, will be assured a complete supply and fixed prices over 1-3 years. In order to be able to legally define its offer of "green", Volterres will also buy some guarantee of origin, the price of which will be integrated into that of the energy sold, explains Alexis Bouanani.

Transparency on gray energy

The innovation is based on two technologies developed for seven years by Sun'R, explains Antoine Nogier: an algorithm to affect the production of energy in real time and according to customer preference, as well as a system based on the blockchain integrating all the production and consumption sites. Concretely the customers, after having each one been able to define their own priorities (type of energy, geographical distance, central in particular) will be able to have access to a portal allowing to visualize the various sources of electricity consumed as well as the sites which produced it, to half an hour.

"The gray energy purchased on the market, used to supplement the offer when available renewables are not sufficient, will become clear," said Antoine Nogier, for whom the key issue is precisely to make explicit this reality hidden by the guarantees of origin.

This is only when everyone will no longer have "the false impression of doing one's duty" that the energy transition will actually accelerate, he believes.

30 MW already promised by Sun'R

The platform calculates a "green score", a "local score" (depending on the distance of the production sources), as well as a CO2 score. The data displayed by the platform can be downloaded and used in CSR reports. Above all, another platform will allow "to check that everything that is affirmed is anchored in the blockchain", thanks to the "REDS" system (Renewable Energy Digit System) designed by Volterres.

"Inviolable and confidential, it consumes less than 5kwh per year, less than a light bulb," says Antoine Nogier.

In order to reassure energy producers and their banks, Volterres-which replaces Sun'R Smart Energy, a subsidiary of Sun'R with a supply license, and whose aggregator activity is put to sleep. will support the reputation and experience of the Swiss energy distribution company Axpo, which will be responsible for the aggregation of the different sources of electricity.

The marketing has been open since Wednesday, for a supply of electricity from 2020. 30 MW are already promised by Sun'R, and the subscription of other partnerships of 5-10 years is under way. The process will be guided by the upstream: "We will only sell what we have," says the director of Volterres. But the hope is to reach 70 GW and 5 TWh within 10 years.


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