Super battery.. Tesla car cuts 1200 kilos on a single charge!

The Jimny battery, developed by ONE, has achieved record results, as it can work on electric cars and travel twice as far as the Tesla Model S with its current batteries, and that battery can cover more distance than gasoline cars which are commercially produced on a large scale.

Mujeeb Ijaz, founder and CEO of ONE, said: “The results set a new standard for the entire automotive industry.”

He added that the company seeks, through its discovery, to make electric cars more acceptable, by eliminating the concern about the distance that the battery can travel the vehicle on a single charge, as this is what concerns consumers the most today.

“Our company is focused on developing a new proof-of-concept battery, called GeminiTM, to enable long trips on a single charge while improving cost and safety using sustainable materials,” said Ejaz.

The new battery addresses the problem of travel range for those interested in electric cars, which has so far been addressed by making charging stations more widespread. However, this comes with its own problems, most notably the longer time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle compared to refueling the vehicle.

The battery used in the ONE prototype is an innovative iron-lithium phosphate design, and the company hopes it will be used in commercial trucks later this year, according to the Independent newspaper, seen by Al

The technology was presented at the CES 2022 tech conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, where several companies and startups showcased ambitious battery life designs.

Mercedes-Benz has promised a range of 965 km for its Vision EQXX concept vehicle.