Super car tax: who pays it and how it is calculated

The super stamp, established in 2011, has led motorists who own particularly powerful cars to have to deal with an unwelcome and penalizing tax on SUVs, luxury cars and sports models. The decree law n.201 of 6 December 2011, in fact, established the payment of the super stamp by imposing an amount equal to 20 euros more for each kW of power exceeding 185 kW.

The cost of the super tax, over the years, decreases after 5, 10 and 15 years from the date of manufacture of the car, respectively by 60, 30 and 15% until it is no longer due when 20 years from the date of construction of the car . The super tax is a tax that must be paid by all owners of vehicles with a power expressed in kW above the threshold of 185, except for cars with more than 20 years from the date of construction. In addition to the owners, the tax must also be paid by those who use a leased car, by the usufructuaries and by buyers with retention of title.

Although the super stamp has aroused great discontent since its inception, leading to several bills that aim at its abolition, at the moment a tax is still in force. To calculate the amount due, before paying the super tax, a simple mathematical operation is sufficient. Just read in the lhybrid of circulation data relating to the power of the car expressed in kW: for each kW of power greater than 185, 20 euros must be added to the basic amount provided for the road tax.

In order to calculate the price to pay, it is also necessary to consider the year of construction of the vehicle, fundamental in the verification of the percentage of deduction. Once in possession of all the data, simply go to the website of theRevenue Agency, find the link dedicated to the calculation and fill in the F24 super stamp duty form, necessary for paying the tax.

The super tax is closely linked to the car tax: its expiry is the end of the month following the expiry of the car tax. Payment can be made in different ways but it is always necessary to fill in the model F24 super stamp. The super stamp duty can be paid at ACI delegations, car handling agencies, banks, at the post office or by going to tobacconists affiliated with Banca ITB or members of the Lottomatica pole.


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