The city of Kamlups, where our youth team was destined to start a super series, was played by the players, the coaching staff and the staff of the Russian national team for more than 30 hours. The journey on the route Moscow – Amsterdam – Calgary – Kamlups was completed by the Russians late on Friday night, having had three full-time workouts before the first game. On these days, in theory, should be the peak of acclimatization. However, often the first match of the Canadian tour goes as if in a fog.

Camlups as a premonition of Buffalo

In Camlups at various times played Konstantin Panov and Anatoly Vasilyev, but to say that the path to this city is trodden by Russian hockey players will be too. The last time the local team became WHL champion back in 1995. Then for the Blazers the future NHL stars were lit. Shane doan and Jerome Iginla. But still we Camloups more interesting match, which took place in 2010, on the eve of a trip to Buffalo. Preparing for the World Cup was going to its finish. The score in the super series between the Russian national team and the national teams of CHL at that time was 2-2.

And it was in Kamlups teams played, perhaps, the most insane match. By the fourth minute, our team missed twice, but Emil Garipova replaced Dmitry Shikin. It seems that it was then that Kazan lost the chance to compete at least for the role of backup. But in the third period the Russian team has already fired. In less than three minutes, the score from 3: 6 became 6: 6: Kalinin! Kitsyn! Voronin! It seems it was a rehearsal of the legendary finale. One of the attempts in the winning shootout series performed Anton Burdasov, now the best KHL sniper.

Almost without snipers, almost without legionnaires

Who from the current composition of the “youth team” will become a sniper level Tarasenko or though Burdasova – hard to say. Andrey Svechnikov busy at Carolina Klim Kostin – in the AHL, and Vitaly Kravtsov will play for the national team in the Tournament of four nations. The St. Petersburg Marchenko-Morozov-Podkolzin will also go there, to the Czech Republic. As a result, even in the first link of the “Canadian” Russian national team, there are rather “action movies” Dinamo Ivan Muranov and NovyShibirets Nikita Shashkov. Or, say Bulat Shafigullin last season he scored 20 goals for the “Reactor”, but at the KHL level he could not yet be distinguished.

Fedotov: we will do everything for Kostin and A. Svechnikov to play at the MFM

Actually, the first two matches with the WHL team are a chance to prove themselves for those who flew in from Russia. In the course of the super series, legionnaires will join the youth team, but from the Western Hockey League Bragin was called only one Alexander Alekseev. In the second pair, the Red Dira defender and potential leader of the national team took the place Evgenia Kalabushkina, and he, in turn, pressed out of the Spartacus Artem Volkova. The rest of the ice out all those who made the transatlantic flight.

The captain screwed up, the captain corrected

The start of the match went the way it usually does when Canadians are in front of you. And especially – Canadians from the Western Hockey League. To score, in principle, they could have already not the fifth, when they did not see the opponent Alexander Lyakhov. In a couple of episodes of Canadian forwards, Savely Olshansky missed. In one of these cases, the defender from the system "Magnitka" was forced to break the rules. The vigorous start of Canadians, together with a minority, forced us to forget about our own attacks for a while. First shot on goal Ian scott Russians struck somewhere in the sixth minute.

The man who first decided to test the strength of the WHL goalkeeper was Pavel Shen. The forward of “Salavat” went to the super series with the rank of captain, with the support of Alexander Yaremchuk, with whom they are well known from Khanty-Mansiysk. Sheng became the main character of the first period. First, his removal led to a missed puck: Canadians on the third attempt, implemented the majority. But in the very next shift, after just half a minute, they Starkov and Yaremchuk organized a model counterattack. 1: 1!

Russian "youth team" will fight with Canada. Bragin – about the super series

The head coach explained his decisions.

Most – old problem

In principle, even in the first period, our team looked decent. In fact, all the advantage of Canadians consisted of a triple advantage by penalty minutes. In equal compositions, the wards of Bragin looked confident and even solid. Scoring chances were few, but Artyom Galimov famously got out from behind the gate to the near post, and Nikita Shashkov tormented by "maple" pressure. Well, after the break, it was our turn to play in the majority. The Russian team had two attempts, one of which earned its activity Artyom Nikolaev.

Alas, the majority, as is often the case with Russian teams at different levels, left much to be desired. And this is despite the fact that ex-striker Olshansky and one of the strongest attacking WHL defenders Alekseev played on the blue line. For four minutes, our guys created only one moment, and that did not originate from a positional attack. The jet "railroad" Cyril Blind train broke into the zone, brought the puck to the penny, but it slipped parallel to the goal line. Well, the best combination of the second period was built by nominally the fourth link Shafigullin – Tsitsyura – Nikolaev, already in equal compositions.

Denisenko and Kravtsova did not take on the super series. We do not need games with Canada?

Valery Bragin left the home of the main stars "youth team."

Tarasov cleaned up the mistakes of the defenders

It is difficult to say whether Ian Scott, who occupied the place at the gates of the WHL team, is able to become the first number of the Canadian “youth team” at the World Championships. But Daniil Tarasov in the fight for the post number 1 in the Russian national team – the very favorite. For him speaks and international experience, and playing time in the Highest League, and dimensions. Hereditary goalkeeper proved the validity of their claims in the first match of the super series. He and the very first shift, unlike defenders, did not oversleep, and rescued the first goal in the minority, fending off one shot at close range after another.

In the second period, it would seem, the load on Tarasov was less than on Scott. The Russians managed to transfer Canadians 9-6. However, out of six shots, more than half concealed a real danger. These were not clean one-on-one exits, but Daniel had to try to keep the score tied. Our defenders began to fall more often on their own and someone else's blue line, which led to quick counterattacks. The worst mistake was made by Veniamin Baranov, but Tarasov calmly cleaned up after his counsel.

Low pace helped Canadians

We are used to the fact that youth hockey is speed, emotions, a lot of abandoned pucks. This time it was different. The game turned out to be viscous and, frankly, was held at a low pace. And the farther, the pace only decreased. And okay, the Russians have recently made a heavy flight across the ocean, but it was difficult to know Canadians in the form of the WHL team It seemed that this meeting was only at hand for our guys. Moreover, Bragin, even before the start of the Super Series, said that this year the emphasis will be on defense.

The start of the third period really remained for the Russian national team. Muranov was especially active, winding up Canadian defenders. But it was not he who scored, but Geordi Belleriv, leading Canadians forward. The second goal against Tarasov turned out to be similar to the first, and the last one to blame for it was our goalkeeper. The Russians made a fatal mistake in the middle zone, giving a pass to the skates. Any chance of recoup was buried by two deletions of Baranov in the end. And at least two minutes, written out to our defender for the simulation, looked very controversial.

The youth national team of Russia started the Super Series with a defeat, having failed to repeat the miracle in Camlups 2010. The next match will be played by Bragin’s team with WHL tomorrow in the city of Langley.


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