Super Smash Bros.-Like LEGO Brawls Coming to Consoles and PC in September – Gaming – News

Platform fighting game LEGO Brawls will be released on September 2 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game was previously released as a mobile game via Apple Arcade.

In LEGO Brawls, players can create their own LEGO figure, combining different LEGO themes. The figure can be upgraded with content that players can unlock. The game includes pirate, ninja and jungle themes among others. The sidescrolling game also has cards with these themes.

The game has multiple game modes including a 4v4 and a free-for-all mode. During gameplay, gamers can collect and wager power-ups, as well as emotes. LEGO Brawls also gets leaderboards and works cross platform. The game will have both online and offline multiplayer.

LEGO Brawls has been on Apple’s App Store since 2019 and is part of Apple Arcade, a subscription service for mobile games. It is not yet known how much the game will cost for PC and consoles. In any case, the game will be available on PC via Steam. With this webshop you can now download a demo.