Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: that's it, Nintendo has identified the 5 characters who will land in DLC

If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will offer a cast of 74 characters – only 8 will be available at the first start of the game – we must not forget that 5 other fighters will land in DLC between December 7 and end of February 2020. <a href = "http: // mce_host /Super% 20Smash% 20Bros.% 20Ultimate's% 20DLC% 20Line-up% 20is% 20now% 20complete.% 20This% 20time% 20the% 20selection% 20was% 20made% 20entirely% 20by% 20Nintendo.% 20I% 20decide% 20if% 20we% 20can % 20create% 20a% 20fighter% 20based% 20on% 20their% 20selection, 20then%%% 20come 20up% 20with% 20the% 20plan.

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20%"class =" news "target =" _ self "> On Twitter, the creator of the series, Masahiro Sakurai, said the five elected officials had finally been identified by Nintendo who, it is recalled, had asked the community for the episode Wii U. Of course, Sakurai-san is careful not to say what fighters are concerned, but what is certain is that unlike other studios that voluntarily remove certain elements of their games to make paid extensions, he and his teams work only in "tense flow".

Nowadays 'scam at DLC' has become a real epidemic, and players now have to pay to get a full version of a game that ultimately was not finished. I fully understand that players may feel cheated. After all, a game should be totally finished at the time of release, and I would be angry if it were cut and sold in parts.

Why do you think there are so many games that provide premium content soon after they're released? Simply because it is the easiest way to make money. If you wait too long to offer additional content, the players will already be switched to another game. Even for games whose popularity lasts over time, the revenue generated is higher at the time of their release..

The DLC we offer are authentic, they are only developed once the game is over. Of course, this premium content is paying, but only to offset the costs of developing additional content. (Masahiro Sakurai, April 2015)

For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a Fighter Pass will be available against € 24.99. Those who prefer to buy the DLC unit will have to pay € 5.99.


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