super superstitious

Stéphane Bern & Matthieu Noël
SAISON 2021 – 202215h55, le 13 mai 2022

Historically Yours brings together, Friday the 13th obliges, superstitious: the painter Pablo Picasso who had an attraction for the sacred and the unfathomable powers that govern Man, and whose superstitions pursued him throughout his life, and in his death also. Then the composer and musician Claude Debussy who also had some quirks. Superstitions that did not prevent him from moving forward, unless a black cat got in his way… And the one who was emblematic captain of Chelsea, a footballer with a thousand charms: John Terry.

The guests :

– Diana Ruiz-Picasso, art historian, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso and Philippe Charlier, medical examiner, anthropologist and director of the Research and Education Department at the musée du quai Branly – Jacques-Chirac.
Authors of “Picasso, sorcerer” (Gallimard)

– Ariane Charton writer
Author of the biography “Claude Debussy” (Folio Biography, Gallimard)