Yesterday it was reported that the actor was on the road with DC and Warner Bros, amid reports of his new high-profile roles and the disappointing performance of the Justice League and Batman Vs Superman.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the talks over a caval cameo in the coming Shazam collapsed! Movie, and he's ready to go now, amidst a great commotion of the DC Extended Universe.

"Superman is like James Bond, and after a while you have to watch new actors," said a studio source for the US newspaper.

But has Cavill now hinted that everything is not what it seems?

In a cryptic Instagram post late in the evening, he posted a video titled, "Today was exciting #Superman."

He is featured in a Kyrpton Lifting Team video showing an action figure of himself.

All innocent enough, but the date of the post, as his name was worldwide due to the exit rumors, can not be ignored.

Is this "excitement" about the role a sign that he stays?

A spokesperson for Warner Bros told THR after its report was released yesterday: "We have a great relationship and great respect for Henry Cavill, who remains unchanged.

"Besides, we have not made any recent decisions regarding upcoming Superman movies."

While this is not a total denial of the allegations, it certainly means that the end of Cavill's tenure is far from over.

In any case, Cavill has a lot on his plate: he recently led the Netflix series The Witcher at the top, and he crashed over the summer in the last Mission Impossible section.

The DCEU has difficulty establishing itself compared to Marvel's MCU: to date, Wonder Woman is the only film they have ever made, and others are fighting critics, the box office, or both.

Aquaman is the next edition of the studio; because of this December – and Shazam! will follow next year.

Wonder Women's much-anticipated sequel is also due, while the state of the proposed Batman movie remains unclear, and Ray Fisher has admitted that a cyborg standalone image is also in the air.

Ezra Miller's The Flash movie is expected to be shot next year.


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